Club News:

Club Champs 2019

The presentation of the Punchbowl & a SuffOC mug to Chloe, the winner of the 2019 Club Championships, was made at our Knettishall Heath event on Sunday.

The Club Champs were held at NOR's Shouldham Warren event in December. The weather, the venue & the courses combined to make a highly enjoyable event, &, once the number-crunching had been carried out, Chloe was in first place, followed by Will & then Isaac. Congratulations everyone, & our thanks to NOR providing the basis for such a good competition.

Knettishall Heath 12/01/20

If you were kind enough to donate your map so that another competitor could use it for an on-the-day-entry after the printed maps had run out - first, a big thank you from the Planner & Organiser, & second, you can download the map file from this page if you wish to have a copy for your records.

Our Next Events:

Ickworth South

1st March 2020

Our final Regional event of this Winter will be in Ickworth Park, in an area to the south of Ickworth House - a section which hasn't  been used for orienteering since 2014 & which has now had a complete map upgrade. There will be the full range of courses, something to suit everyone, no matter how experienced (or otherwise!).

Further details in due course..

01/03/2020 - 10:00