Rendlesham Forest Overview

Rendlesham Forest

A very large (12 square km) Forestry Commission coniferous plantation to the east of Woodbridge. The area includes Tangham, which was the subject of the club’s very first “re-drawn” orienteering map (1972). Whilst generally flat, contrast is provided by variations in the runnability of the forest blocks and by two valleys that cut into the area.


 Currently developed into two maps:

Rendlesham Forest: Daisy's Wood & 100 Acre Walks

The north-western part of Rendlesham Forest - an area of coniferous and deciduous blocks of trees of various ages on either side of a small, rather marshy valley. The map has now been extended to the younger conifer plantations south of the B1084 to allow for the easier design of longer courses, though the area may need to be rested through a period of intense forestry management. This section of the map could be further extended to the west, to include an intricate area around the abandoned rifle butts.


Map information: Scale 1:10,000, revised 2019
TM 345503
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Rendlesham Forest: Tangham

The southern part of Rendlesham Forest, made famous by the UFO (Unidentified Flying Orienteer?) visitation in 1980. An area of typical East Anglian forest with coniferous blocks of various ages on either side of the valley of The Tang. The size of the area, point feature detail and variety and increasing "runnability" of vegetation makes the area suited to most events. Significant first cut harvesting has occurred during its 7 year “rest period”, and some significant wind damage occurred during the October storms of 2013, hence the recent remapping exercise. A permanent course has been set up and is actively maintained, in conjunction with the Forestry Commission.

Map information: Scale 1:10,000; Spring 2014
Location: TM 354484