Tunstall Forest Overview

Tunstall Forest

A large (14 sq km) Forestry Commission coniferous plantation to NE of Woodbridge, it includes the adjoining heathlands of Tunstall and Blaxhall Commons and some patches of mixed woodland. The forest was clear-felled a few years after the original 5 colour map was produced in 1975 by EAOA / HAVOC members, but, following phased replanting, it has now reached a level of maturity suitable for the sport. Mainly flat but surprisingly physical, the area has a wealth of line and point features and a great variety of vegetation making it suitable for Regional or National events.


Currently developed into three maps:

Location: TM390561

Tunstall Forest: Barnes Carr & The Birches

The south-eastern part of the forest - probably the best part of Tunstall as it displays good variation in its vegetation and has a wealth of point features. The path network here is denser than in the northern end of the forest (and includes an area used for motor cycle scrambling) and the area has water features not found elsewhere in Tunstall. Changes to the management plans have, however, made it difficult to schedule an event in this area in recent years.

Location: TM 399528

Tunstall Forest: Central (aka Viking)

The northern part of the forest, the section used by the Viking mountain bike trail. It is mostly cultivated forest with patches of mixed woodland. The area is largely flat, but with many pits and earth-banks and a great variety of vegetation. It is very suitable for regional events.

Location: TM 390 551
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Tunstall Forest: Chillesford (Originally Tunstall SW)

The long, but rather narrow, south-western part of the forest. The area was clear-felled in the early nineties and has now had sufficient re-growth to support colour-coded events, especially if combined with some of the more interesting parts of Central Tunstall over the B1068.

Location: TM 390536
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