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Event Newsletter

Our first "Events Newsletter" gives information about Chillesford (Tunstall Forest) & other late winter events in the region. The next one will feature our Sprint & Summer events - you can access the mailing list sign-up box from the home & events pages of the website  & from the desktop version of Facebook.

CompassSport Heat

The area CompassSport Cup & Trophy heat is being held at Shouldham Warren on March 11th. Sarah, our Club Captain, has already circulated details to members. Entry to the competition classes (Orange, then Short Green & above) is now open on Fabian4. There will also be entry-on-the-day for the White, Yellow & Light Green courses for younger families and non-members.

Members - please check that your subscription has been renewed  Embarassed

Our Next Events:

Tunstall Forest

25th February 2018

Our final event of the winter series will be the Chillesford section of Tunstall Forest. As usual, there will be the full range of colour-coded courses up to 'Brown' & this event is also on the 2017/8 ESSOL calendar. Further information can be found on the Late Winter Events Newsletter & on the Final Details file (see below).

25/02/2018 - 10:00
Regional, ESSOL

Culford Sprints

22nd April 2018

Our first event of the 2018 Spring/Summer will be in the grounds of Culford School, which lend themselves to sprint-style courses. This will be the first event in this newly-mapped area - watch this space for further details!

22/04/2018 - 10:00