SuffOC League 2020 onwards

Until 2018 points could be scored in the Club League during any Regional/National event (Level C & above) where at least 8 SuffOC members were competing. The rules for the previous version can be seen here.

The Club League has been updated & refreshed for 2020 - the main change being that the new competition will be limited to specified East Anglian events. A minimum of 10 events will be listed: all of SUFFOC’s regional events & the Compass Sport competition, plus selected EAOA regional events, both forest & urban. The provisional list for 2020 is as follows:

Knettishall Heath (SuffOC) 12th January

Writtle Forest (SOS) 2nd February

Mildenhall North (WAOC) 16th February

Ickworth Park (SuffOC) 1st March

Aspley Heath (EAOA) 15th March

Epping South West (HAVOC) 19th April

Harwich Urban (SOS) 16th May

Norwich Urban (NOR) 11th October

Tunstall Forest (SuffOC) 15th November

Lynford (NOR) 6th December

Mildenhall North (WAOC) 13th December

List updated 15/02/20

The scoring system will remain approximately the same as in the previous version - if you run your correct age class the "Technical Difficulty" level will be given as "1", but you can improve or reduce your score by running up or down one or more levels.  The best five scores will count and there will be trophies for the Senior and Junior winners.

The age classes will be the same as for the East Anglian League, i.e:

Yellow: M/W10
Orange: M/W12
Light Green: M/W14
Short Green: W65+/M75+
Green: W16-20/W45-60/M65-70
Blue: M16-20/W21-40/M45-60
Brown: M21-40