Compass Sport EAOA Heat 11-03-18

From the Planner: 

I originally offered to plan the Compass Sport heat as the opportunity to plan a National (level B) event don’t crop up that often, and I thought it would be good CPD if I wanted to become a level B controller. However, that was some time ago last year, and my life has since changed. I am now deemed medically unfit to drive and coupled with medical advice not to go out alone to places with “less than one tractor a day”, probably means that I am not suited to become a level B controller in the foreseeable future.

After a couple of initial forays into the terrain last autumn, I then lost motivation and didn’t really start any serious planning until after Christmas, when Paul, with Michael’s assistance, agreed to be my controller. I rose to the challenge of getting to Shouldham via public transport with the aid of a folding bike – I’m amazed I managed to get across that boggy track between the Sincks and the Warren on such small wheels! No punctures either!

Being somewhat opinionated about what I think makes a good course, meant that Paul and I disagreed on some aspects of my planning. Planning orienteering courses is a subjective art and if we all had the same ideas, it would make the sport less interesting. I tried to incorporate different length legs with some route choice on all the TD 5 courses and those of you who have already uploaded to Routegadget make me think I succeeded in that aim at least to some extent. I don’t believe you can ever completely avoid some path running in East Anglian forests.

I was pleased to receive several complements on the courses and only a few minor complaints. We were certainly blessed with spring weather and although the later runners did get caught in some heavy showers, at least it wasn’t cold.

I think it was a good East Anglian effort to put the event on, and thanks to Alan (NOR) for organising and to both Paul (HAVOC) and Michael (NOR) for their advice (even if I didn’t always follow it). Thanks too, to Bruce Marshall (WAOC) for updating the map for this event. Also, thanks to the other helpers from across the region, my control collectors (my least favourite aspect of planning events) and of course my long-suffering husband cum chauffeur who had to spend a lot of time hanging round the Kings Lynn area whilst I was checking and placing controls, as well as setting up the SI results system for the event.

It was great to see clubs from EA, EM and SE competing in this heat and a pleasant surprise that SUFFOC and NOR qualified for the final.

Sarah Mansel, SUFFOC