Kings W 13 11 16

From the Organiser: 

An Organiser’s job is always made easy when

  • Sufficient club members volunteer to help out on the day and this event was no exception.
  • The Planner and Controller get ahead of schedule with setting out and checking the controls that means that we can allow starts before 1030.
  • The rain stays away!

We had just short of 200 registered competitors, and those who I spoke to didn’t have any issues apart from their own mistakes in route choice or lack of concentration. We also had an early finish and all the controls were safely collected in by 1430.

Thanks to all helpers and to Phil and Mike for their many hours of work in producing the courses.

Lost and Found: Pair of glasses in case from ‘The outside clinic’ Community opticians & hearing. Please contact me via or 07917555949

Louise Walker

From the Planner: 

It is always a treat to run in an area for the first time and this northern part of the extensive Kings Forest was used for the first time for a long while if it has ever  been used before. The area has a wealth of paths and linear features which makes it ideal for the shorter courses. However it is a challenge to get the longer course runners off the paths and into the forest blocks with a range of route choices. Hopefully people enjoyed their runs and didn't get too much tangled up in the bracken. Many thanks go to controller Mike who was a great help with his suggestions and battled well with the chest high bracken back in September. We will hopefully take you to some more new parts of Kings Forest in the future.
Phil Halford

From the Controller: 

Once again I have controlled a great Suffolk Event, Phil took a lot of time thinking and planning (as well as mapping a whole new part of King’s) he used the area very well, ensuring you avoided the majority of the nasty bits. The area was really lovely just after sunrise and although the grassed areas were a little dangerous in places the forest was runnable on and off the tracks, you may not have seen the very heavy bracken, but at least it was not the head high stuff Phil and I encountered during the summer. The courses were about the right length with some good times achieved. Thanks to well drilled helpers all were happy and helpful throughout with an organised organisers quietly controlling affairs, who also found time for a run.

Well done Suffolk you hosted a great EAL event.

 Michael Chopping