Rendlesham Forest 04 10 15 - Comments

From the Organiser: 

Thank you to everyone for making today such a pleasure to organise. Thank you particularly to all the SUFFOC members that helped – it was a good team effort. The wonderful weather also helped. Seeing so many people enjoying picnics after their runs in October showed what a glorious day it was.

We had a good number of new orienteers, particularly secondary age pupils, and they all seemed to have fun with many completing two runs. Several mentioned how much they had enjoyed the experience and looked forward to coming again.

As our first event of the new orienteering season I feel it has given everyone a positive start from which to rise to the challenges the forest presents us over the next few months.


From the Planner: 

Thanks to all of you for coming today on a beautiful Autumn day. Thank you for the many positive remarks about the courses which were challenging due to the high bracken growth this year. You will have to believe me that there were worse areas of the forest that you didn’t visit!! Thanks to Paul for his calm controlling of the event. I enjoyed working with him to create the courses that you all ran. Also thanks to Sally for her efficient organising of the event.