Tunstall Forest 14 02 16 - Comments

From the Organiser: 

We were blessed with better weather than predicted and I hope that everyone enjoyed their day out at Tunstall.

The event went well apart from a minor hitch with the road crossing and a few gremlins in the results. I gather some people were confused by coming to the road crossing before the parking which I should have anticipated and signed accordingly.

Many thanks must go to my conscientious and hard working band of volunteers from SUFFOC without which the event could not place.

I would also like to thank the planner and controller for making sure that the event was ready to start on time.

Finally our thanks to the Forestry Commission for allowing the use of the forest and particularly the Recreation Ranger, Alice Greenacre.


Lost property: a right hand child’s Nike black glove


Rod Mansel


From the Planner: 

Tunstall is a fairly typical East Anglian block forest so it is not the most technically challenging area, but I attempted to plan courses with some route choice. At least the forest didn’t seem to be too bramble or bracken infested so there was usually an option of round the paths or across the blocks. Hopefully most of you enjoyed the event.

I need to apologise about the mix up in control numbers either side of the road crossing which affected the first few runners on the longer courses. I put those controls out before dawn, and my eyesight is not good enough to read in the half light. Thanks to Paul for sorting out the results for these people.

I would like to thank in particular Martin Hore for his meticulous approach to mapping, and both Clive and Sally Wilkinson who tagged some of my controls whilst I was unwell over the festive period. John and Jenny Collyer were very calm controllers and I appreciated and acted on some of their advice. Living with the organiser of the event had advantages and disadvantages, but at least we are still together!

Sarah Mansel