Tunstall Forest (Chillesford) 25 02 18

From the Organiser: 

The success of any O’ing event can be influenced by the weather. Although the day was sunny, it was bitterly cold which may have put some people off….their loss as I very much enjoyed Clive’s green course. My job as ever was made so much easier by willing helpers who mucked in allowing everyone who wanted to run an opportunity to do so.

I also experienced part of the blue course when we initiated a preliminary search for an overdue competitor. Although the competitor eventually found their way round the course it is always best to do a preliminary search as soon as it becomes apparent that something's not right, not only for their safety but to alleviate any concerns their partner has for their wellbeing.

I was very pleased to see some past members of SUFFOC; Bob who kindly helped out and the Sherwen family who were introducing some new blood to the sport.

Louise Walker

From the Planner: 

Thank you all for coming today and trying out my courses.The challenge of this area is trying to cut down on path running.  From discussing afterwards with runners it looks like I succeeded in that aim. I also enjoyed watching the start and seeing the effects on orienteers of a south facing start and the need to turn right off the path immediately. The works of the Forestry Commission contractors up to the event meant that it was impossible for me to keep you totally out of the areas of brashings. It was possible at one point in February that the event would have been cancelled if they started working in the area that I had planned on. I hope the physicality of running though the brashings did not spoil your enjoyment of this area of the forest.

Thanks to Paul Beckett for his guidance during the course planning and to Louise Walker and her helpers for the efficient organising of the event.

See you in the forest soon.

Clive Wilkinson