Congratulations to our Juniors who took part in this year’s Peter Palmer Junior Relay competition at Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield on 10th September. Of the 25 teams participating in the event, two were from SuffOC (the second entered jointly with SMOC). Following on from their success in 2016, the SuffOC first team were again awarded the Norwich Anniversary Trophy for the highest-placed small club - definitely a cause for Celebrations!

The event was organised by the City of Birmingham Orienteering Club with the support of Octavian Droobers and Harlequins Orienteering Club.  

Sutton Park has a good mixture for orienteering purpose; there are areas of woodland & heathland, both with a good network of tracks and paths. There are coniferous and deciduous sections in the woodland, with some thicker areas of holly, birch and rhododendron. While the open heathland allows fast running there are also complex areas of gorse to trap the unwary.  The teams spent the previous night at the Wyndley Leisure Centre so that they were ready for a 5 a.m. start. There were 6 legs with varying levels of difficulty, designed so that juniors of differing standards would be able to take part - and with the early start the team members on the first and second legs were running at least partially in the dark!

Full results can be found on the COBOC website, with additional photos on Facebook.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the experience, and our thanks to the “support team” of parents!