JK 2016

In this anniversary year - 50 years of the JK and 30 years since it was held in East Anglia - we have 30 members travelling up to Yorkshire for the JK this Easter Weekend and have entered a record number of relay teams - 8 in total - for the final day's racing. Our best wishes to all our competitors in both the individual and team events - "Have a good run", as the saying goes!

3 Mens short teams:  Bryn, David and Neil R; Clive, Will and Neil C; Roderick, Phil and John C

W120+ team: Louise, Sally and Sarah

M48- team: Tim, Barney and Matthew

Mini team: Ben C, Theo and Craig

Womens' short team: Rachael, Bronwen with Caroline Louth from WAOC

Ad Hoc team: Rod, Jeremy with Steven Partridge from SOS