Try Our MapRun Courses..

We've done "Lockdown Orienteering" & "Virtual Bury St Edmunds" - now that we're allowed a little more freedom, albeit very carefully, why not try running a real orienteering course? We can't offer mass events with physical SI controls but we have been working on courses which you can follow on your own, or with your family group, using the GPS on your smartphone together with an app, MapRunF. It's quite simple - you download the map & course into your phone & run the course in the normal way. The phone bleeps each time you reach a control, so you know you're in the correct place, tracks your route, calculates your time & splits, & allows you to upload your result to the MapRun database - & even sync your run to Strava if that's your thing!

We've a handful of courses already waiting for you - mainly Street-Os at the moment, similar to some of our Summer Series events, as we need to choose areas with easy public access. There's a whole new section on the website explaining what to do, starting from here, so why not give it a go & share your results with us?