Club News:

CompassSport Final 2018

Congratulations to our SuffOC team for their performance at the CompassSport Final at Abraham's Valley, near Rugeley, Staffordshire yesterday. The team was placed 9th out of 15 - the highest placing SuffOC has ever achieved at a Final in this competition. 

The Club also had its own "Run In" competition for the fastest time between the final control and the finish. Bronwen was First Lady, in a time of 37 secs, & Roderick won the male competition with a time of 31 secs.

The overall results can be found on the Walton Chasers' website & our Club results are here.

British Schools Score Champs 2018

There were excellent results for some of our Juniors at the British Schools Score Orienteering Champs at Moors Valley Country Park, Ringwood, Dorset on 13th October. In the individual classes Matt was placed first, Chloe & Barney second, & Theo third in their respective age classes. Both Barnardiston Hall & the Perse School were "in the medals" in the various team categories. Well done, everyone!

Simon Peck Award 2018

Congratulations to Paul Lowe for being nominated to receive this year's Simon Peck Award for his hard work to ensure that the Summer Series ran smoothly. Paul acted as Controller for each of the events, giving advice to those planning the courses, & also calmly administered the registration & results recording on the day. The award was presented by our outgoing Chair, Louise, at the AGM held during our Ickworth Park event.

Latest events newsletter

The latest events newsletter has been emailed today. If you're not a member, or haven't already subscribed to our mailing list online or at an event, you can download a copy here.

Captain's Noticeboard

A new page - the Captain's Noticeboard - has been added to the Members-Only part of the website. Please check it, as it has important information on the CompassSport Final & the next club kit order. Don't forget you'll need to be logged in to access it.