SuffOC Club Championship

Broaks Wood (SOS Event) 12 November 2000

The heavy rain the night before did not bode well for the club championships at Broaks Wood, nor did the swollen River Colne on the way down towards Braintree...

Name Age Gp Course Time  Adjusted Tine Comments
Brendan Anglim M21 B 7.44 7.44  
Bill McLean M60 G 19.54 8.24  
Goff Hill M55 B 13.12 9.08  
Paul Lowe M40 B 11.58 9.51  
Jeremy Gray M35 B 11.2 10.18  
Clive Coles M55 B 16.07 11.05  
Andrew Elliott M21 B 12.42 12.42  
Hon mentions          
Rob Coulter M50 G 13.05 13.05 Non-competetive course
Yvonne McLean W60 G 16.43 7.2 Mispunched

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