Shrublands 2003 Come & Try It
Sun 14/09/03
Organiser's Comments
Planner's Comments
  2.5km, 11 controls
Position Name Club Class Time Comments
1 Stephen Dickens B Sch M10 0:21:00 Punched points in wrong boxes points 3-11
2 Josh Harris B Sch M10 0:21:41  
3 Daneil Starner   M12 0:25:55  
4 Lissy Gunerston B Sch W10 0:27:15  
5 Chris Buckingham B Sch M10 0:29:47 Double punched point 1
6 Mick Yates Ind   0:30:23  
7 Antigone Jeffcock SOS W10 0:31:25  
8 Emma Williams Ind   0:32:09 Point 1 not all on card
9 Henry Mole   M6 0:33:35  
10 Bryan Smart   M6 0:34:13  
11 Robyn Durrant B Sch W10 0:34:56  
12 Chris Gregory B Sch M10 0:36:35  
13 Christine Yates Ind   0:36:40  
14 Philip Hurd HAVOC M7 0:37:51 Double punch point 2
15 Alex Ware SOS M10 0:39:23 Double punch point 6
16 Joanne Starmer   W8 0:41:04 Double punched point 4
17 Bradley Kerahaw B Sch M10 0:44:32  
18 Mr R Grp 4 B Sch   0:48:43  
19 Mr R GP3 B Sch   0:48:46 Double punched point 7
20 Diane Duel Ind W35 0:54:23  
21 Mr J GRP2 B Sch   0:57:01 Point 11 punched in box 12
22 Mr J GRP3 B Sch   0:57:21 Double punch point 2
23 Mr Jeffery GRP 1 B Sch   0:57:31  
24 Rhiannon Ware SOS W8 0:59:00  
25 Stephen Ware SOS W4 0:59:20  
26 Price Family SUFFOC   1:06:46 Double punched point 1
27 ?     13:31:47 Double punched points 1 & 2
  Martha Crowhurst B Sch W10   Disq- Miss punched points 1-6 incl.
  Micheal Park Suffoc M10   Disq- Light Punch point 8
  Mathew Daykin B Sch M12   Disq Miss punched points 2 & 11
  Mr R GP2 B Sch     Disq Punch missing point 3, miss-punch points 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  Mr R GRP1 B Sch     Disq Double punch point 1, box 4 obliterated!
  3.3km, 10 controls
Position Name Club Class Time Comments
1 Tom Moss WoodBr M17 0:39:55  
2 Simon & Joe Hooton Suffoc M45/M6 0:40:46  
3 Conor Weed Suffoc M11 0:41:26  
4 Sarah Park Suffoc W14 0:42:09  
5 James Park Suffoc M12 0:42:16  
6 Laura Bloomfield WoodBr W15 0:47:40  
7 Rebecca Burton WoodBr W15 0:51:55  
8 Megan Malley SOS W10 0:53:21  
9 Alison Malley SOS W40 0:54:52  
10 Rachel Malley SOS W12 0:56:19  
11 David Coupe   M50 1:00:13  
12 Jonathan & Jake Hooton   M50/M10 1:01:35  
13 Hampley Family Suffoc   1:05:22  
14 Jim Smith   M30 1:07:49  
15 D&L Sutton     1:08:00  
16 Susan Sutton     1:14:20  
17 Jane Draper     1:15:45  
18 Lou Van Zwandenberg WoodBr W35 1:24:25  
19 Josh Dodd WoodBr M16 1:28:09  
20 Patrick Greyett Ind M&W9 1:30:10  
21 Louise Clark WoodBr W16 1:30:11  
22 Warrington     1:30:43  
23 Laura Doggett WoodBr W17 1:32:21  
24 Laura Philpot WoodBr W17 1:36:20  
  Corin & Piran Jeffcock   M14/M12   Disq- Out of Bounds
  Jac Taylor   W35   Disq- Points 3, 7, 8 missing
  5.1km, 12 controls
Position Name Club Class Time Comments
1 Phil Stuart BAOC M45 0:31:19  
2 Chris Starner     0:43:06  
3 I Price Suffoc M35 0:43:59  
4 Rob Coulter Suffoc M55 0:45:12  
5 Ann Elvidge Suffoc W40 0:45:44  
6 I Taylor Suffoc M35 0:46:12  
7 P Ryall WAOC M55 0:46:22  
8 John Houseago Suffoc   0:48:27  
9 S Hooton Suffoc M45 0:50:34  
10 Richard Barker SOS M50 0:51:45  
11 Chris Davis Suffoc   0:52:34  
12 S Carton SOS W45 0:53:20  
13 Andrwe Flack     0:57:10  
14 A Howells   M35 0:59:55  
15 M Jeffcock SOS   1:00:43  
16 I Howells   W35 1:01:11  
17 Jenny Colyer SOS W55 1:02:13  
18 W Hooton   M9 1:04:24  
19 S Hooton     1:05:25  
20 M&D Blacoe     1:17:56  
21 R Farthing     1:25:28 ! Double punched points 3 & 11
22 Sarah Edwards Suffoc W16 1:25:42  
23 P Farthing     1:26:24 ! Double punched point 6
24 Allan Grey Suffoc M35 1:36:49  
25 Linda Grey Suffoc W35 1:37:26  
  7.7km, 19controls
Position Name Club Class Time Comments
1 A Malley SOS M40 0:55:05  
2 Bert Park Suffoc M35 0:55:38  
3 S Peck Suffoc M45 1:11:32  
4 P Mole Suffoc M35 1:13:52  
5 J Ryall WAOC   1:14:43  
6 T Biggs WAOC M50 1:27:25  
7 J Capeling Saxons M60 1:39:29  
  C Butler       Disq-Mis punched number 8
  Rob Weed Suffoc M35   Lost card

Organiser's Comments

The most common start of any orienteerers explanation of what went wrong is "if only".

Fortunately there were only a few "if only's" at our Come & Try It Event at Shrublands as once again we were blessed with a superb sunny day.
(if only it wasn't so hot!')

We had 96 starts but actual number of people on the course was probably more like 150 as many youngsters and some not so young decided to pair up for their first go.It was very strange for both the competitors and the officials to go back to the old style of punches and punch cards. Some old hands had forgotten the golden rule that the punch marks must be in the right boxes, clear and unambiguous
(if only I'd checked)

and unfortunately this golden rule hadn't been passed on to the new comers. As it was a Come and Try It Event, many of the miss punches etc were given the benefit of the doubt but for a competition if you make a mistake don't try and punch over it, punch in another box and tell the officials at the finish and make sure they mark up your card!
(if only I'd remembered)

Out of bound areas and other restrictions are put in place for either your own safety or at the behest of the landowner. Due to the late arrival of cattle one of the map corrections showed new fences with 'Do Not Cross'. A few of you decided to ignore this and cut across the field. You might get a faster time but you are putting yourself in danger and running the risk of the landowner not letting us use his land again for future events
(if only I hadn't taken a short cut)

Please bear this in mind for next time. Those who were spotted by the officials at the finish were disqualified.

My job as Organiser was made easy as

1. The majority of those who volunteered to help did so on the day and there was the willing help at hand to cover the slots were people didn't show up. Thank you to all the SUFFOC members involved.

2. The planner had done his job well so there weren't any complaints about the courses only praise.

3. The publicity was effective. We seemed to have attracted a great deal of interest from a variety of different areas, which resulted in a high turn out.

4. Everyone enjoyed themselves on the day and are going to come back to do better next time…………(if only!)

Louise Walker - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

It was very rewarding to see many of you come to the event the work of effort planning worthwhile as well being able to enjoy the sunshine.

In planning the event I was keen to use the southern part of the map, which in recent years has only been used for the longer courses. Upon my first visit to the park I drove up the main driveway having to navigate around the many sheep sitting on the road. This should have been an omen as the sheep and the cows regularly changed position every time I visited the Park. It was only on the morning of the event when putting out controls did I discover the cows and low wire fence. I hope this did not cause you any alarm or confuse you. Naturally, when I was collecting the last controls in the area of the cows at 2.45 PM my path was blocked by the cows being led to the farm away from the competition area.

Another restriction to my planning the courses was the very high summer vegetation with nettles waste height in the central and southern woodland areas. These were avoided but made planning the longer courses difficult. I do hope the SUFFOC committees' instructions of giving runners a work out was met. I spotted a few red faces climbing the slope to the finish.

Everything was going smoothly having the final version of the courses and collected the equipment. It was only when I allocated controls, on the Wednesday before the event, did I discover I was two short. The key holders to the club store away on holiday until the day of the event. My thanks to Bill and Yvonne McLean for coming to my rescue.

Having now planned with Electronic and Cane Punches I have to say bamboo canes are easier to work with. They are less bulky and require less work before the event than the electronic equipment. The very hot weather we have been having, did bake the ground in many places making them difficult to keep standing during the event.

My thanks to Louise Walker, my suffering Organiser. Louise did an excellent job in getting the SUFFOC volunteers to make the event happen, sign posting it and ensuring all the equipment was there on the day. An Organisers work is often undervalued. Well-done Louise.

Also thanks to Clive Coles, my unofficial Controller for his suggestions and June Webb for successfully publicising the event.

Thanks again to everybody who came and see you at the next SUFFOC event at Tunstall Forest on Nov 2nd 2003.

Andrew Elliott- SUFFOC