Daisy's Wood 2005 District Event & ESSOL Sun 06/03/2005 20:55
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   Pl Name                         Age Clas Club     School               Time 

White  (4)     2.000 km   11 C             

    1 Jack Bentley                 M13      IND                          16:54 
    2 Moses Bentley                M7       IND                          31:20 
    3 Jack Goldsworthy             M10      NOR                          32:20 
    4 Stephanie Ware               W6       SOS      Cherry Tree         48:11
-------------------------------- PAR TIME --------------------------------
Yellow  (11)   2.300 km   7 C              

    1 Will Hooton                  M11      SUFFOC                       15:00 
    2 Bryn Wilkinson               M8       SUFFOC                       17:10 
    3 Laura Goldsworthy            W12      NOR                          19:18 
    4 Lloyd Gilby                  M10      IND                          25:38 
    5 Sonia Chaplin                W40      IND                          27:10 
    6 Sofie Turner                 W6       IND                          29:46 
    -------------------------------- PAR TIME --------------------------------
    7 Rebeca Wastell               W12      SOS      Cherry Tree         30:32 
    8 Adam Last                    M9       IND                          33:55 
    9 Heather Craig                W6       BAOC                         34:49 
   10 Woolnough + Last             M10      IND                          35:44 
   11 Elian Shipp                  M4       IND                          37:47 
Orange  (12)   3.100 km   10 C             

    1 Arabella Gilby               W13      IND                          31:55 
    2 Lily Gilby                   W11      IND                          34:20 
    3 Michael Park                 M12      SOS                          38:41 
    4 Sue Hooton                   W40      SUFFOC                       41:59 
    5 Paul + Alan Turner           M40      IND                          44:12 
    6 Todd Last                    M7       IND                          44:23 
    ----------------------------- PAR TIME 47:53------------------------------
7 Warland Family W40 SUFFOC 1:00:56 8 Alex Ware M12 SOS Cherry Tree 1:01:47 9 Sonia Chaplin W40 IND 1:08:51 10 Shiona Hardie W65 IND 1:12:18 11 Kirby Family Family IND 1:16:49 12 Alice + Eleanor Turner W13 IND 1:24:16
LtGreen  (10)  3.700 km   11 C             

    1 Louise Walker                W40      SUFFOC                       42:10 
    2 Oliver Calver                M?       IND                          46:38 
    3 Simon Chandler               M40      SUFFOC                       50:14 
    4 Sarah Park                   W16      SOS                          53:12 
    5 Nancy Powell-Davies          W55      SOS                          58:13 
    ---------------------------- PAR TIME 1:03:15 ----------------------------
6 J. Aldridge M40 IND 1:23:07 7 M. Ling + M. Cavalcami M16 IND 1:29:57 8 V. Sherwen M50 SUFFOC 1:34:59 9 A. Mew / G + H Mason Family SUFFOC 1:39:57 10 Joe + Simon Hooton M8 SUFFOC 1:47:12
Green  (22)    4.600 km   12 C             

    1 Perry Mole                   M40      SUFFOC                       44:56 
    2 Alena Tomeckova              W21      IND                          47:11 
    3 Jon Houseago                 M45      SUFFOC                       49:28 
    4 Paul Lowe                    M45      SUFFOC                       50:32 
    4 Barry Pilgrim                M60      NOR                          50:32 
    6 Richard Barker               M50      SOS                          50:55 
    7 Rob Coulter                  M55      SUFFOC                       52:31 
    8 David Anstee                 M40      NOR                          52:36 
    9 James Park                   M14      SOS                          56:56 
   10 Tracy Craig                  W35      BAOC                         58:51 
   11 Clive Wilkinson              M40      SUFFOC                       59:21 
   12 M Lowther                    M35      SUFFOC                     1:02:29 
   13 Helen Bickle                 W21      WAOC                       1:07:06 
   ----------------------------- PAR TIME 1:07:24 ----------------------------
14 Gillian Pilgrim W60 NOR 1:07:49 15 Maria Marshall W50 WAOC 1:10:31 16 Barbara Fothergill W45 HAVOC 1:13:09 17 Susie Hall W65 HH 1:13:39 18 Sue Vine W65 NOR 1:28:36 19 Ian Wickson Family SUFFOC 1:51:11 20 Jill Wickson Family SUFFOC 2:02:10 21 Clare Lambert W30 IND 2:07:47 Frederick Smith M45 GO dnf
Blue  (38)     6.900 km   16 C             

    1 Colin Godfrey                M40      IND                          50:06 
    2 Mike Bickle                  M55      WAOC                         52:25 
    3 Alex Copley                  M21      CUOC                         52:34 
    4 Cameron                      M45      BAOC                         54:46 
    5 Peter Warland                M40      SUFFOC                       57:44 
    6 Chris Childs                 M55      IND                          59:06 
    7 Rosemary Dyer                W21      CUOC                         59:09 
    8 John Ward                    M60      NOR                          59:41 
    9 Julia Wotton                 W35      WAOC                       1:00:46 
   10 Douglas Craig                M40      BAOC                       1:02:31 
   11 David Ball                   M60      NOR                        1:03:14 
   12 Carina Sewell                W45      IND                        1:05:26 
   13 Fred Northrop                M55      WAOC                       1:05:27 
   14 Rob Shepard                  M35      LOG                        1:08:55 
   15 Steve Gray                   M45      IND                        1:10:10 
   16 Linsey Freeman               W50      WAOC                       1:10:27 
   17 Les Jarrald                  M55      NOR                        1:10:34 
   18 Darren Lambert               M35      IND                        1:10:41 
   19 Peter Beale                  M40      WAOC                       1:10:49 
   19 Kay Fowler                   W21      NOR                        1:10:49 
   21 Karen Goldsworthy            W40      NOR                        1:13:17 
   22 Bruce Marshall               M50      WAOC                       1:14:17 
   ----------------------------- PAR TIME 1:15:09 ----------------------------
23 Hally Hardie M65 WAOC 1:16:32 24 John Russell M60 SOS 1:18:05 25 Jack Isbester M70 SOS 1:19:50 26 Steve Culverhouse M40 IND 1:20:42 27 Andrew Childs M45 IND 1:23:28 28 Geraldine Russell W60 SOS 1:23:33 29 Marco Chiesa M21 CUOC 1:23:41 30 Carol Fowles W40 IND 1:24:51 31 Mike Sherwen M50 SUFFOC 1:27:39 32 Graham Ward M60 NOR 1:29:18 32 Tom Sherwen M16 SUFFOC 1:29:18 34 Robert Farthing M50 SUFFOC 1:31:34 35 Robert Mann M60 SOS 1:34:59 36 Paul Garton M55 NOR 1:37:50 37 Chris Skrimshire M55 IND 1:43:46 Andrew Pilkington M55 SOS dnf
Brown  (10)    9.400 km   23 C             

    1 Rolf Crook                   M21      WAOC                         59:31 
    2 Daniel Goldsworthy           M35      NOR                        1:07:53 
    3 Rob Weed                     M35      SUFFOC                     1:09:28 
    4 Bert Park                    M40      SOS                        1:12:28 
    5 Paul Beckett                 M40      HAVOC                      1:13:22 
    6 Paul Goldsworthy             M40      NOR                        1:16:23 
    7 Oliver Cooper                M21      SUFFOC                     1:28:37 
    8 Andrew Elliott               M21      SUFFOC                     1:28:38 
    ----------------------------- PAR TIME 1:29:17 ---------------------------
9 Edmund Ward M21 CUOC 1:37:43 10 Rodney Freeburn M65 NOR 1:51:39
Red  (3)       4.800 km   14 C             

    1 Janna Brom                   W18      NOR                          46:24 
    2 Robinette B-Team             M45      IND                        1:11:33 
    3 Robinette A-Team             W45      IND                        1:15:48 
-------------------------------- PAR TIME --------------------------------

Organiser's Comments

A big THANK YOU to all those genuine orienteers who turned up from clubs across the region to support this event and who are were not put off by the previous week's bad weather. The 110 entries were down on previous events due to the weather and it being Mother's Day but nevertheless good feedback on the day from a number of runners who specially commended us for not cancelling. Fortunately for us the weather forecast for Sunday of cold and dry conditions actually turned out to be correct and much of the previous day's snow had melted by the time the first runners started.

Also thanks to our core of regular and enthusiastic club helpers who need little supervision so that the event went smoothly and with no problems to trouble the organiser. I particularly would like to single out the efforts Goff Hill (Planner), Clive Coles (Controller), Bill McClean (revised map) and Paul Lowe (our SI expert) - all made a major contribution to the success of this event.

Finally thanks to Jim Smith, the Rendlesham Forest Ranger who is most supportive of our events and who is so keen to build up good relationships with those who wish to use the forests for leisure activities.
Rob Coulter- SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

Daisy's Woods is a lovely area with lots of interesting navigational detail and its great to run around, especially on crisp snowy days. But it does set a few constraints for a planner. The area is very small to plan a brown course on and, at the other end of the scale, the path network doesn't make it easy to plan a white course. Add to that the fact that a river and extensive marsh cut the area in two in one direction and the only suitable car park cuts through in the other direction, and you start to see a few restrictions. Perhaps the most obvious compromise was the start area, which was a slightly awkward layout. But it allowed the more technical courses to have a technical first control and the white and yellow to get quickly onto a path (and so meet the BOF guidelines). So I hope you all managed to get away ok

I am very indebted to Clive who made many helpful suggestions to help get around the various problems and to Mac who prepared a very much improved map of the area. I would also like to thank all those who helped collect in controls after the event and enabled me to get home at a reasonable time.

I hope you enjoyed the courses.

Goff Hill - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

First of all thank you for turning up to orienteer in the snow. It may have been cold but we were so fortunate that we were able to compete in fine blizzard free conditions.

There had been times during the last week when your event team began to wonder if the event would need to be cancelled.

Were we being irresponsible by going ahead when earlier in the week the emergency services were asking us to only travel when necessary ?

Would we be able to park on the Fire route as planned ?

Would the course be safe if the conditions were icy ?

Could the event officials even get out into the Forest to set up the courses and have them ready for starters by the published starting time ?

To cancel the event would however have been a great disappointment to many, especially for the SUFFOC club officials who had striven to make the event happen.

The forecast for the weekend looked more promising so we decided to get ahead of ourselves by setting up the courses on the Saturday ~ always a risk in cold weather as control sites can be vandalised and the SI boxes may not power on at the appointed hour. We arrived on site in driving snow but mindful that the forecast suggested that the weather would clear up in the afternoon. By mid afternoon the controls were out in the forest and kite placements had been 'controlled'. In the event one site (108) was trashed overnight (all parts were found and swiftly repatriated) and 2 SI boxes, 131 and 133, needed to be replaced as they had died.

Goff is to be congratulated for setting some interesting courses on such a compact area. Technical orienteering in Rendlesham is not an option so Goff needed to set courses at the top end of the BOF guidelines so as to ensure you remained out on your run for a reasonable time. It required some ingenuity to contort a 9.4k Brown course when we were parked within the area ~ quite a triumph to find that that course was won in just 29 seconds under the hour.

From comments overheard at the download tent, some of you appeared to find some tricky control placements. There were also discussions concerning route choice options. These are the sorts of discussion planners (and controllers) like to hear. It makes us feel we have set a fair challenge and made you think ahead.

Bill (Mac) also produced an excellent new map for the competition. The surveying time frame was short, as the undergrowth just did not die back last autumn. I am sure you appreciated the clarity of the cartography.

Rob, Paul (our SI system co-ordinator), and the remainder of the organisation team appeared to manage an 'incident' free event. Successful organisation often goes unnoticed.

So, a big thank you to all our helpers - a great team effort.

Hope to see you at our next event in the autumn.

Clive Coles - SUFFOC