Tangham District, EA League & ESSOL Sun 23/11/2008 18:36
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   Pl Name                       Age Class      Club         School                 Time 

White  (3)                1.4 km   10 C           

    1 Bronwen Mansel             W10            SUFFOC       Beyton Middle         17:28 
    2 Stephanie Ware             W10            SOS          Alresford             24:20 
    3 Joshua + Sarah Hurton      M1             LOG                                27:14 
   ---------------------------------------- PAR TIME ----------------------------------- 
Yellow  (9)               2.7 km   12 C           

    1 Ben + Peter Warland        M10            SUFFOC                             19:03 
    2 Roderick Mansel            M12            SUFFOC       Beyton Middle         24:57 
    3 Jack Pryke +1              M10            SUFFOC                             39:44 
    4 Eliah Shipp +1             M8             SUFFOC       Highfields CP         43:45 
    5 Melanie Shipp +1           W4             SUFFOC       Highfields CP         43:57 
   ---------------------------------------- PAR TIME ----------------------------------- 
    6 Alex Birkett               M10            SOS          Meadgate              44:27 
    7 Chris Clark                M10            IND                              1:28:13 

      Thomas Turner +1           M4             IND                                  dnf 
      Jacob Turner +1            M6             IND                                  dnf 
Orange  (7)               3.5 km   12 C           

    1 Bryn Wilkinson             M12            SUFFOC       Copleston High        39:08 
    2 Nicholas Harrison          M12            SOS          Debenham High         41:08 
    3 Thomas Birkett             M12            SOS          Meadgate              43:49 
    4 Kevin Dale                 M45            IND                                51:58 
    --------------------------------- PAR TIME 58:42 ----------------------------------- 

      Eloise + Sophie Turner     W10            IND          St Helens                mp 
      Rhiannon Ware              W12            SOS          Colne                    mp 
      Karen Smith                W45            SUFFOC                               dnf 
Red  (2)                  5.6 km   15 C           

    1 Ann Mills                  W35            IND                              1:03:44 
    2 John Mills                 M35            IND                              1:14:13 
   --------------------------------- PAR TIME 1:35:36 ----------------------------------
Lt Green  (8)             3.9 km   12 C           

    1 Norman Howarth             M75            NOR                                56:23 
    2 Aileen Butler              W60            SUFFOC                           1:12:44 
    3 Colin Butler               M55            SUFFOC                           1:12:50 
    4 Conor Weed                 M16            SUFFOC       West Anglia Colleg  1:14:39 
    5 Bill McLean                M70            SUFFOC                           1:21:16 
    -------------------------------- PAR TIME 1:24:34 ---------------------------------- 
    6 Alice Evans + Kieran Sears Junior         IND                              1:54:41 

      Val Sherwen                W55            SUFFOC                                mp 
      Yvonne McLean              W65            SUFFOC                               dnf 
Green  (21)               4.4 km   14 C           

    1 Robin Weed                 M40            SUFFOC                             50:34 
    2 John Harvey                M70            NOR                                51:37 
    3 John Collyer               M60            SOS                                55:37 
    4 Jenny Collyer              W60            SOS                                57:25 
    5 Emma Johnson               W21            SOS                                57:27 
    6 Scott + Tim Pearman        M40/M12        IND                                58:31 
    7 Rod Mansel                 M45            SUFFOC                             59:37 
    8 John Webb                  M70            SUFFOC                           1:03:35 
    9 Simon Peck                 M50            SUFFOC                           1:05:51 
   10 Sarah Astington            W21            LOK                              1:07:19 
   11 David Skinner              M55            SOS                              1:07:56 
   12 Jack Isbester              M70            SOS                              1:09:52 
   13 Alan Coddington            M70            NOR                              1:13:42 
   14 Alexander Ware             M16            SOS          Philip Morant       1:13:52 
   --------------------------------- PAR TIME 1:15:51 ---------------------------------- 
   15 Susan Carton               W50            SOS                              1:16:03 
   16 Barbara Fothergill         W50            HAVOC                            1:24:07 
   17 Alex Clark                 M18            IND          CRGS                1:40:26 
   18 Mervyn Lamacraft           M60            IND                              1:51:05 

      Ellen Sanderson            W18            SOS          CRGS                     mp 
      Sally Wilkinson            W40            SUFFOC                               dnf 
      Frederick Smith            M45            GO                                   dnf 
Blue  (22)                6.4 km   17 C           

    1 Stephen Bones              M21            LOG                                54:40 
    2 Richard Bonnett            M50            SOS                                54:50 
    3 Clive Wilkinson            M45            SUFFOC                           1:03:24 
    3 Martin Hore                M55            SUFFOC                           1:03:24 
    5 David Sanderson            M45            SOS                              1:07:22 
    6 Hannah Newton              W16            SOS          Chelmsford CHS      1:08:12 
    7 Edwin Banks                M55            SOS                              1:08:32 
    8 David Ball                 M60            NOR                              1:09:55 
    9 Dave Birkett               M45            SOS                              1:10:22 
   10 Claire Harrison            W35            SOS                              1:10:31 
   11 Philip Halford             M50            SUFFOC                           1:11:33 
   12 Chris Childs               M60            SOS                              1:12:41 
   13 Mike Sherwen               M55            SUFFOC                           1:13:05 
   14 Louise Walker              W40            SUFFOC                           1:18:26 
   15 Paul Lowe                  M45            SUFFOC                           1:19:11 
   16 Sarah Mansel               W40            SUFFOC                           1:20:27 
   --------------------------------- PAR TIME 1:22:00 ---------------------------------- 
   17 Nigel Walker               M45            IND                              1:36:23 
   18 Andrew Pilkington          M60            IND                              1:58:21 
   19 Leslie Childs              M55            SOS                              2:15:08 
   20 Peter Swanston             M65            IND                              2:16:20 

      Alan Turner                M40            IND                                  dnf 
      Michael Park               M16            SOS          Copleston High          dnf 
Brown  (5)                8.4 km   24 C           

    1 Duncan Harrison            M35            SOS                              1:28:52 
    2 Bert Park                  M40            SOS                              1:31:53 
    3 Andrew Murphy              M21            SOS                              1:32:17 
    -------------------------------- PAR TIME 2:13:18 ---------------------------------- 

      Neil Carter                M21            SUFFOC                               dnf 
      James Park                 M18            SOS          Suffolk UCW             dnf 

Organiser's Comments

The event was organised with the expectation of about 160 runners participating but the actual number was only 77. Given the awful weather forecast and the warning to avoid unnecessary travel on the day we were pleasantly surprised by the number that did turn out and their enthusiasm is a credit to our sport, although the low temperatures, and snow showers followed by rain unfortunately took away the enjoyment for many.

As I have now come to expect sufficient Suffoc club members volunteered to help and all the tasks were more than adequately covered making my role as organiser easy to fulfil. Also the club is very fortunate that we always receive support and assistance from the Rendlesham Forest office of the Forestry Commission and this year was no exception.

Apart from the weather no problems arose apart from one runner on the Blue course who sustained a serious and painful arm injury which required hospital treatment. Fortunately, two other competitors immediately went to his aid, gave immediate assistance and helped the injured runner get back to safety.
Rob Coulter - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

A gap of 19 months between planning is a little long and the skills picked up first time were a bit hazy. Thanks to controller Paul for providing sound advice and ensuring I moved from a dodgy yellow & green to something a lot better. His dedication to detail and travelling all the way from deepest Essex in poor conditions was much appreciated. Tangham Forest is relatively large and I drifted wide and to the top and bottom of the map to get to interesting features. This did mean I had a few too many controls and very many, many thanks to the kind people who helped me collect them at the end of wet day – even if that was the only time we saw the sun. The dense growth of gorse in places made some bits of the forest unusable. Following the replanting after the 1987 storm that so devastated the forest much is still young and quite a fight. Well done to the competitors, especially on the longer courses that hammered their way through the forest between controls - at least it kept some of the snow off you! Thanks to Paul Lowe for the help with the technical bits and especially to Rob Coulter who is a marvellous Organiser to work with and also helped putting out and collecting controls. Thanks to all Club members for playing a part and I wish Clive Wilkinson a full recovery from his dislocated elbow after he showed how desperate some people are to win the East Anglian League!

Simon Hooton - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

The thorough and efficient preparations by the planner and organiser meant that the event ran smoothly despite the inclement winter weather.  Simon prepared good courses to BOF standards that offered both physical and technical challenges whilst minimising simple path running.  Most competitors appreciated the challenge, though bracken/brashings and the snowy conditions slowed the par times.  Rob had plenty of willing helpers who did their bit on a cold day.  Lastly I hope that Clive Wilkinson makes a speedy recovery from his accident near the Finish.

Paul Beckett - HAVOC