Tunstall SE District Event & ESSOL Mon 27/03/2006 22:44
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   Pl Name                        Age Class Club     School               Time 

WHITE  (17)    1.800 km  0 m   14 C        

    1 Ivo Hayes                    M10      SUFFOC   Barnardiston         9:36 
    2 Rory Coutts                  M11      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        10:15 
    3 Louis Gooden                 M10      SUFFOC   Barardiston         10:59 
    4 Flora Mol                    W10      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        11:06 
    5 Lucinda Wilkinson            W9       SUFFOC   Barnardiston        11:14 
    6 Elizabeth Merceron           W10      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        11:16 
    7 Olivia Becher                W9       SUFFOC   Barnardiston        11:24 
    8 Jessica Mol                  W11      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        12:03 
    9 Michael Wilkinson            M11      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        12:31 
   10 Flora Hamilton               W11      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        12:39 
   11 Zoe Weston                   W9       SUFFOC   Barnardiston        12:42 
   12 Natalie Fallon               W12      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        13:01 
   13 Thomas Burkett               M10      SOS                          13:40 
   14 Josh + Ellie Foot            M10      IND                          14:13 
   15 Gregory Jones                M10      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        16:15 
   16 Sharon Warland               M40      SUFFOC                       44:03 
   --------------------------------- PAR TIME --------------------------------
      Arran Weed                   M10      SUFFOC   Heath Primary          mp 
YELLOW  (15)   2.300 km  5 m   11 C        

    1 Marcus Turner                M12      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        16:23 
    2 James Symes-Thompson         M11      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        16:32 
    3 Julia Dyer-Bartlett          W7       SUFFOC   Barnardiston        17:26 
    4 Helen Vidler                 W12      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        18:11 
    5 Sarah Roach                  W12      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        19:12 
    6 T + F McNab                  W14      IND                          20:08 
    7 Helen Laurie                 W7       SUFFOC   Barnardiston        20:32 
    8 Jenny + Jon + Alister        M10      IND                          20:45 
    9 Lewis Reynolds               M10      SUFFOC   Barnardiston        22:08 
   ------------------------------ PAR TIME  24:34-----------------------------
   10 Foots + Burketts             Family   IND                          26:09 
   11 India Hayes                  W7       SUFFOC   Barnardiston        30:05 
   12 Anne John                    W75      SUFFOC                       31:20 
   13 Isobel Chandler              W13      SUFFOC                       38:49 
   14 Matthew Johnson              M18      IND                          41:20 

      Max Smith                    M11      SUFFOC   Barnardiston          dnf 
ORANGE  (13)   3.400 km  10 m   13 C       

    1 Arabella Gilby               W14      IND                          38:59 
    2 Lily G                       W12      IND                          41:01 
    3 Kingsley Ripley              M14      IND      ATC                 42:23 
    4 Will Hooton                  M12      SUFFOC                       45:18 
    5 H + M McNab                  Family   IND                          47:54 
    6 Ben Warland                  M8       SUFFOC                       52:01 
    7 Kevin + Meloney Dale         M40      IND                          53:01 
    8 Flett                        M40      IND                          53:09 
   ------------------------------ PAR TIME  58:29 ----------------------------
    9 Alex Ware                    M14      SOS      Philip Morant       58:52 
   10 Abi May                      W14      IND                        1:13:08 
   11 George Lunn                  M14      IND      ATC               1:29:48 
   12 Turner Team                  W11      IND                        1:45:55 
   13 Sarah Torbeck                W21      SUFFOC                     1:54:28 
RED  (5)       4.800 km  10 m   17 C       

    1 Sam Dozan                    M21      IND                        1:06:48 
    2 Lloyd Gibly                  M12      IND                        1:06:57 
    3 Shiona Hardie                W65      IND                        1:49:44 
   --------------------------------- PAR TIME --------------------------------
    4 Ralph Church                 M45      IND                        2:55:45 
    5 Katie Bruce                  W40      IND                        3:09:14 
LT GREEN  (16) 3.400 km  5 m   10 C        

    1 Ian Shephard                 M50      NOR                          31:01 
    2 Joanne Nell                  W40      IND                          34:42 
    3 Conor Weed                   M14      SUFFOC   Kesgrave High       39:28 
    4 Mark Stringer                M40+1    SUFFOC                       45:22 
    5 Simon Chandler               M40      SUFFOC                       45:55 
    6 I + A Howells                W35+M35  IND                          46:31 
    7 Jill Wickson                 W45      SUFFOC                       47:05 
    -------------------------------- PAR TIME --------------------------------
    8 Yvonne Mclean                W65      SUFFOC                       51:14 
    9 Rowen Elliott                M14      SUFFOC                       57:45 
   10 Nicky Elliott                W45      SUFFOC                       59:46 
   11 Mark Mills                   M21      IND                        1:02:40 
   12 Julie Laver                  W40      SOS                        1:07:17 
   13 Jo Kemp                      W21+1    SUFFOC                     1:31:49 

      Michael Park                 M14      SOS                            dnf 
   nc James Park                   M16      SOS                          25:42 
   nc Michael Park                 M14      SOS                          45:46 
GREEN  (27)    4.900 km  15 m   12 C       

    1 Alena Tomeckova              W21      IND                          40:28 
    2 Graham Elliott               M40      SUFFOC                       41:55 
    3 Lindsey Freeman              W50      WAOC                         47:37 
    4 Simon Moss                   M40      CROC                         47:56 
    5 Hilary Sellens               W50      SOS                          48:50 
    6 Alison Gourd                 W35      CROC                         50:41 
    7 John Harvey                  M65      NOR                          52:26 
    8 Anne Elividge                W45      SUFFOC                       54:05 
    9 P Crosby + C Rogers          W21+M21  IND                          54:42 
   10 K Fulcher                    M55      NOR                          57:58 
   11 S Fulcher                    W55      NOR                          59:28 
   12 Frederick Smith              M45      GO                         1:02:37 
   13 Alan Bedder                  M60      NOR                        1:04:13 
   14 Rob McNab                    M40      IND                        1:04:37 
   --------------------------------- PAR TIME --------------------------------
   15 Jack Isbester                M70      SOS                        1:06:07 
   16 Frankie Hardie               dog3     WAOC                       1:06:20 
   17 Bill Mclean                  M70      SUFFOC                     1:09:54 
   18 Alison Stephen               W50      SUFFOC                     1:11:02 
   19 Estella Ward                 W55      NOR                        1:13:37 
   20 Pat Bedder                   W60      NOR                        1:14:47 
   21 Clive Coles                  M60      SUFFOC                     1:15:41 
   22 Ray Horne                    M50      IND                        1:23:12 
   23 Sally Wilkinson              W40      SUFFOC                     1:33:19 
   24 Oliver Calver                M21      SUFFOC                     1:35:06 
   25 David Skinner                M55      SOS                        1:42:41 
   26 Millie Lambert               W35      IND                        1:49:16 

      Chris Goldsmith              M21      BAOC                           dns 
BLUE  (32)     6.600 km  15 m   15 C       

    1 A Murphy                     M21      SOS                          54:35 
    2 Martin Hore                  M55      SUFFOC                       57:51 
    3 John Ward                    M60      NOR                          58:38 
    4 G Pye                        M50      SOS                          59:48 
    5 Will Anderson                M21      BAOC                       1:02:07 
    6 Chris Billows                M18      IND                        1:07:30 
    7 Pat Martin                   M60      NOR                        1:09:00 
    8 Steph Gilmour                W21      AIRE                       1:09:59 
    9 Julia Crook                  W35      WAOC                       1:10:36 
   10 Darren Lambert               M40      IND                        1:10:52 
   11 Steve Baldwin                M35      SUFFOC                     1:11:00 
   12 Simon Hooton                 M50      SUFFOC                     1:11:18 
   13 Louise Walker                W40      SUFFOC                     1:11:28 
   14 Eddie Banks                  M50      SOS                        1:12:40 
   15 Lenka Milonova               W21      SUFFOC                     1:12:59 
   16 Peter Hornsby                M50      LEI                        1:14:26 
   17 Mitch Lock                   M45      IND                        1:17:29 
   18 M.A. Bone                    M55      IND                        1:18:23 
   19 Steve Nobbs                  M50      NOR                        1:18:52 
   20 Emma Johnson                 W20      SOS                        1:20:08 
   21 Carol Fowles                 W40      IND                        1:20:48 
   22 M Fulcher                    M35      NOR                        1:20:55 
   23 Alan Anstead                 M40      SUFFOC                     1:21:48 
   24 Mike Sherwen                 M50      SUFFOC                     1:21:50 
   ----------------------------- PAR TIME  1:21:53----------------------------
   25 Andy Bain                    M35      IND                        1:24:17 
   26 Tom Sherwen                  M18      SUFFOC                     1:34:18 
   27 Graham Ward                  M60      NOR                        1:37:12 
   28 Paul Garton                  M55      NOR                        1:37:46 
   29 Steve Gray                   M45      IND                        1:38:45 
   30 Gina Ross                    W45      SAX                        1:40:22 
   31 John Russel                  M65      SOS                        1:46:37 
   32 Geraldine Russel             W60      SOS                        1:52:16 
BROWN  (17)    8.400 km  20 m   22 C       

    1 Robert Frost                 M35      NOR                          53:38 
    2 Rolf Crook                   M21      WAOC                         55:22 
    3 Darren White                 M21      BAOC                         59:21 
    4 Michael Belshaw              M40      NOR                        1:01:42 
    5 Martin Sellens               M50      SOS                        1:08:36 
    6 Jon Coles                    M35      CROC                       1:09:40 
    7 Kvido Strisovsky             M21      WAOC                       1:13:38 
    8 Oliver Cooper                M21      SUFFOC                     1:15:44 
    9 Rob Weed                     M40      SUFFOC                     1:15:51 
   10 Nicholas Pugh                M55      SOS                        1:17:54 
   ----------------------------- PAR TIME  1:20:27----------------------------
   11 Sebastian Pugh               M20      SOS                        1:20:57 
   12 Simon Peck                   M50      SUFFOC                     1:25:00 
   13 Goff Hill                    M60      SUFFOC                     1:35:28 
   14 Andrew Elliot                M35      SUFFOC                     1:44:12 
   15 Rodney Freeburn              M65      NOR                        1:56:09 
   16 Alan Turner                  M40      IND                        2:20:23 

      Paul Ross                    M45      SAX                             mp 

Organiser's Comments

Mothering Day, clocks going forward one hour, and a location in the far east of the region can have a serious impact on competitor turnout. I was therefore more that delighted when we had 140 runners. From an organiser's perspective it all went smoothly with no problems arising, that is if you ignore the 20 minutes it took to start the generator and the computer system crashing for a few minutes at a critical time.

We are fortunate to be able to use Tunstall forest which as well as being an attractive area has the variety of features to give rise to interesting and challenging courses. Our thanks to our friends at the Forestry Commission in Suffolk who as always are so willing to accommodate us.

SUFFOC is a small club but on the day we had tremendous support from our members and all tasks were well covered which made the event run smoothly and the organiser's job a less stressful one.

Rob Coulter - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

Planning an event on a newly prepared map was like a breath of fresh air. No major alterations needed, as Simon had carried out his final survey, just as I was setting out to check the control sites I had selected. However, on the Saturday afternoon as I was putting out the controls I came across notices about a jcb in part of the forest and that they intended being there operating during the event. Lukily, we were able to get in contact with the person, from the Motorcycle club, who was co-ordinating the use of the it and we came to a compromise. He would stop work from 10:15 to 13:30 whilst our event was on, he hadn't realised that I would have runners going across the motorcycle courses that he was preparing for their event next weekend.

For those of you on the blue and brown who picked up their map and said 'How far!' I did this so as to get you away from the glut of controls for the white and yellow courses and get you into the slightly more technical bits of the forest - (technical for East Anglia that is).

When it came to collecting the controls at the end it made a pleasant change for people to come and offer to help (in addition to 2 members of the club who had already volunteered) without me having to knobble them when they are starved of oxygen and not thinking straight and trying to download. Thanks to all of you. Just glad the weather wasn't like it was last time we used this carpark (nothing but chucked it down all day) as it may have been a different kettle of fish.

It was good to see some of the route choices used - some of which were totally unexpected. This just goes to show that not every one sees the map in the same way or follows what the planner thinks is the optimum route.

See you in the forest.

Paul Lowe - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

Thanks to Simon Peck for the new map, which gave an excellent feel for the ground, despite the challenges of the detail on the area, and the abundance of disused bike trails, some of which were necessarily filtered out during the mapping process.

Paul planned an excellent set of courses, to the correct technical level, working well within the constraints of the area. He also used some long legs, introducing route choice, which was generally well received, by competitors.

The target times were achieved for all courses form Orange to Blue, the White and Yellow were faster than expected, but the guidelines probably did not expect 5.3 & 7.1 min kms respectively, from the Barnardiston ‘Dream Team'. The Brown times were also quicker than expected, but this may be in part due to the low numbers competing, and their relative quality.

Feedback from competitors on the day was overwhelmingly positive, and it was good to see people discussing courses and routes at the finish, giving valuable feedback to Paul and myself. Great map, excellent courses, nice weather and lots of positive feedback at a well organised event. Well done SUFFOC.

Bert Park - SOS