Haughley ParkSun 04/09/2011 16:29
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   Pl Name                          AgeClass       Club         School                 Time 

White  (8)       1.6 km   13 C           

    1 Daisy Partridge               W10            SOS          St Andrews            10:48 
    2 Chloe Cracknell               W10            SOS          St Andrews            12:41 
    3 Freddie Gray                  M10            SUFFOC       Ipswich Prep          12:54 
    4 Jen Devaney                   W3             IND                                21:41 
    5 Jeremy + Zac Steventon-Barnes Group          IND                                23:16 
    6 Hannah + Theo + Barney Stevet Group          IND                                25:41 
    7 Ryan Carter +1                Group          SUFFOC       Cliff Lane            30:22 
    8 Craig Carter +1               M10            SUFFOC       Cliff Lane            31:04 

Yellow  (3)      2.3 km   13 C           

    1 Naomi Chandler                W10            IND                                38:06 
    2 Chloe Cracknel + Daisy Partri Group          SOS          St Andrews            47:09 
    3 Xakiera Ridley                W1             IND                                49:38 

Orange  (3)      2.9 km   10 C           

    1 Aileen Butler                 W60            SUFFOC                           1:05:03 
    2 June Webb                     W75            SUFFOC                           1:06:20 

      John While                    M75            IND                                  rtd 

Lt Green  (7)    3.1 km   9 C            

    1 Richard Narey                 M40            IND                                40:32 
    2 Ella Gilbert                  W14            NOR                                46:46 
    3 Bronwen Mansel                W14            SUFFOC                             51:55 
    4 Robert Farthing               M55            SUFFOC                             59:45 
    5 Lucy Carter                   W21            SUFFOC                           1:02:01 
    6 Louise Chandler               W45            IND                              1:17:32 
    7 David Crerar                  M65            IND                              1:42:48 

Green  (23)      4.7 km   12 C           

    1 Richard Bonnett               M55            SOS                                34:10 
    2 Andrew Elliott                M40            SUFFOC                             36:49 
    3 Neil Carter                   M21            SUFFOC                             41:39 
    4 John Ward                     M65            NOR                                42:51 
    5 Bruce Marshall                M55            WAOC                               43:46 
    6 John Clarke                   M40            SUFFOC                             46:00 
    7 Jonathan Gilbert              M50            NOR                                46:52 
    8 Philip Halford                M55            SUFFOC                             47:56 
    9 Emma Johnson                  W21            SOS                                49:20 
   10 John Collyer                  M65            SOS                                50:31 
   11 Simon Hooton                  M55            SUFFOC                             50:57 
   12 Jeremy Gray                   M45            SUFFOC                             51:25 
   13 Edwin Banks                   M55            SOS                                53:19 
   14 Jenny Collyer                 W65            SOS                                55:10 
   15 Simon Peck                    M55            SUFFOC                             56:16 
   16 David Skinner                 M60            SOS                              1:00:24 
   17 Wendy Gaisford                W45            WAOC                             1:02:08 
   18 Susan + Simon Clamp           W50            IND                              1:03:53 
   19 John Webb                     M75            SUFFOC                           1:04:48 
   20 Roderick Mansel               M14            SUFFOC                           1:06:04 
   21 Colin Butler                  M60            SUFFOC                           1:17:27 
   22 Simon Chandler                M40            IND                              1:18:43 
   23 A Gibson + S Offord           Group          IND                              1:32:27 

Organiser's Comments

My first attempt at organizing seemed to go very well due to my experienced band of helpers who got on with everything like clockwork. The job seemed very easy perhaps due to the disappointingly low numbers but the weather helped by not raining until we had managed to take the tents down.

I would like to thank Robert Williams the landowner for once again allowing us to use his lovely estate and I hope that everyone who came
along enjoyed their run.

Thanks again to all the helpers without whom we couldn't hold events.

Rod Mansel - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

Not counting the summer series event at Finborough a couple of months ago, this was my first attempt at planning, which I found enjoyable. I would particularly like to thank controller Clive for his much appreciated help and guidance, and Rod for stepping in as an organiser, as well as the rest of the team who made the day run smoothly. I am not sure if it was a help or a hindrance to have husband and wife team as organiser and planner! However it all seemed to go smoothly.

I heard mostly positive comments about the courses, and people seemed to either love or hate the long leg on the green course from north west corner of the map to the south east; but I felt it made more interesting route choice. Also on the green the proximity of the purple lines in the centre of the map, probably made it a bit messy. I was hoping to be able to leave the gate between control 122 and the finish open as I had been told that the sheep would be on the other side of the entrance road; so people could sprint to the finish. As the sheep were in the main park, we were unable to leave any gates open.

I was disappointed with the low numbers, particularly on the yellow and orange courses. It is such a shame as Haughley Park is such a lovely area. Thanks very much to Robert Williams for giving us permission to use his land again.
Sarah Mansel - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

It was a pleasure to work with Sarah and Rod. We had some nicely planned courses, an organisation that coped admirably and even managed to clear the park just before the rain arrived.

We had taken a considered risk by setting up the courses on the Saturday. This enabled me to check out control placements without the
pressure of having to do this at speed on the morning of the event. My thanks to Sarah for running the course early on Sunday morning to check that nothing has been vandalised, or moved, overnight. This left me with very little to worry about on the day.

As always there was some banter at the download tent as those returning discussed where they had experienced "challenges" whilst out
on the course. The fact that these exchanges were friendly was gratifying for both Sarah and myself. When you are wearing an "official" badge there is nowhere to hide ! You seemed however to have enjoyed orienteering at Haughley. Well done to team SUFFOC.

Hope you all will come again to the next SUFFOC event in Rendlesham Forest on October 2nd.

Clive Coles - SUFFOC