Level D Event


Chantry Park 20.05.12

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Posn Name Age Class Club Time   Remarks
White (2 Entries) 1.2km 12 Controls
1 Suzie Hampel W10 IND 18:00
2 Evelyn Harrison W75 IND 1:06:00
Yellow (8 Entries) 1.9km 13 Controls
1 D Hague M10 WAOC 17:00
2 Craig Carter + 1 M10 SUFFOC 28:00
3 Lucy Warland W10 SOS 29:00
4 Stephen Fulsher M40 IND 30:00
5 Robert Heald M9 IND 32:00
6 Ryan Carter + 1 M10 SUFFOC 33:00
7= Lucy Barkway + Group IND 37:00
7= Laura Hempel W8 IND 37:00
Orange (10 Entries) 12.4km 14 Controls
1 S Clarke, R Morris + J Morris Group IND 29:00
2 Sam Hague M10 WAOC 34:00
3 Bronwen Mansel W14 SUFFOC 35:00
4 Oliver Hague M14 WAOC 45:00
5 Alison Zsak W40 WAOC 48:00
6 Margaret Salmon W60 IND 0:49:00
7 Michael Hampel M45 IND 0:58:00
8 Robert Heald + Dad M9 IND 1:03:00   2nd Run
9 Aileen Butler W60 SUFFOC 1:04:00
10 June Webb W75 SUFFOC 1:11:00
Light Green (20 Entries) 3.4km 17 Controls
1 Neil Carter M35 SUFFOC 25:00
2 Louise Walker W45 SUFFOC 28:00
3= Russel Hoy M33 IND 29:00
3= Simon Hooton M55 SUFFOC 29:00
5= Jeremy Gray M50 IND 32:00
5= Steve Nobbs M55 NOR 32:00
7 R + J Morris Group IND 34:00   2nd Run
8= L Clarke W40 IND 36:00
8= Lindsey Freeman W60 LOG 36:00
10 H Hague W40 WAOC 37:00
11 Rob Coulter M65 SUFFOC 41:00
12= Lucy Carter W35 SUFFOC 48:00
12= Ben Warland M14 SOS 48:00
14 Ian Price M45 IND 49:00
15 John Webb M75 SUFFOC 52:00
16 Hally Hardie M70 WAOC 55:00
17 Estella Ward W60 NOR 58:00
18 Bob Caithmoir M70 SOS 1:12:00
Sally Wilkinson W45 SUFFOC   Wrong No 1
Sharon Warland W45 SOS   Missing No 17
Long Training (21 Entries) 5.4km 16 Controls
1= Peter Warland M45 SOS 38:00
1= Richard Bonnet M55 SOS 38:00
3= Bryn Wilkinson M16 SUFFOC 39:00
3= B Cowe M35 WAOC 39:00
5= Andrew Elliott M40 SUFFOC 41:00
5= Duncan Harrison M40 SOS 41:00
7 Colin West M50 SOS 46:00
8 Ben Green M35 WAOC 47:00
9 Phil Halford M55 SUFFOC 49:00
10 Perry Mole M45 SOS 51:00
11 Rod Mansel M50 SUFFOC 53:00
12 Chris Childs M60 SOS 55:00
13 Emma Johnson W21 SOS 57:00
14 Lyn West W55 SOS 58:00
15 Simon Clamp M50 SOS 59:00
16 Sandra Clarke W32 IND 1:06:00   2nd Run
17 Colin Butler M60 SUFFOC 1:07:00
18 Graham Ward M65 NOR 1:09:00
19 P Gay M70 SUFFOC 1:15:00
20 Susan Clamp W50 SOS 1:34:00
21 Chris Gay W60 SUFFOC 1:54:00

Organiser's Comments

Events in Ipswich are slightly different to sign - just how far back into the town do you go? Hopefully there was enough to get you there!  We kept the prices low with all competitors on white and yellow at the £3 rate to try and encourage some newcomers. I was glad to see quite a few new names and if you enjoyed the event do try one of the mid week summer series ones by Suffoc (or ones by Stragglers Orienteering Society in North Essex).
As ever the team of helpers gelled very well and it was a doddle to organiser. Many thanks to all those that lent a hand - your help is much appreciated and is what keeps the sport going. It does appears that we should have been tighter on the timing, putting down seconds at the finish to split those with similar times - and making you rue the error where you looked at the map for just too long or spent just a little too long walking.  Thanks to Clive the planner and Paul the controller for
making it all run so smoothly (and to Paul for getting the results up so quickly) and I hope to see you all again at another event.

Simon Hooton - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

Thank you to all of you for coming out and trying out my courses in the Park today.  It was great to see so many new faces trying out the sport and we hope to see you at future events.  My aim was  to get you into all the different areas of the park with some significant route choice legs. Please put your routes onto routegadget as it is always interesting to see how different
runners solved the problems set by the courses. 

I hope those of you on the long training course enjoyed the first use of the combined Gippeswick and Chantry map and realised our reasons for calling it a training run due to the inability to provide a timed crossing across London Road. I could have used the subway further up the road but the very long run down the side of this busy road precluded this being an option. Thanks as always to Paul for his controlling and help when a control got thrown away at 9 o'clock just ten minutes after I had put it out!

Simon and his team of helpers made the day run smoothly and I look forward to seeing you all in the forest in the near future.

Clive Wilkinson - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

Well contrary to the weather forcast, the rain didn't come thus attracting you all to come to the event. Clive put on some good courses which all of you I spoke to enjoyed. Simon coped admirably with the organising. However a lesson to be learn't is that the finish team need to note the seconds as well as the minutes, we seem to have taken it for granted that computers will work it all out for us.

Paul Lowe - SUFFOC