Ickworth ParkSun 14/10/2012 20:49
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   Pl Name                          AgeClass       Club         School                 Time 

White  (28)      1.6 km  10 m   11 C     

    1 Daniel Hague                  M10            WAOC         Morley Memorial        9:51 
    2 Lucy Walker                   W10            SOS          St Andrews            10:51 
    3 Tommy Harrington              M10            SOS          St Andrews            11:07 
    4 Ben Styman-Heighton           M10            SOS          St Andrews            11:43 
    5 Liam Polley + Thomas Martin   M10            SOS          St Andrews            12:02 
    6 Guy Jeffery                   M9             IND          KCS                   12:11 
    7 Poter + Leader + Pringle + Wa Group          SOS          St Andrews            12:13 
    8 Thomas Turner                 M10            SOS          St Andrews            12:15 
    9 Jonathon Ambler               M11            INT                                13:20 
   10 Rory Clark +2                 M10            WAOC         KCS                   13:59 
   11 Ellie Low                     W10            WAOC         KCS                   14:11 
   12 Amy Bocking                   W11            SOS          Ramsey                14:23 
   13 Lauren Clark +1                              IND          KCS                   14:44 
   14 Thomas Leader + Zac Poter +1  W10            SOS          St Andrews            14:53 
   15 Elizabeth Ambler              W10            INT                                14:58 
   15 Ben Partridge                 M10            SOS          St Andrews            14:58 
   17 Ben + Ethan + Peter + Mei Ros Group          IND                                15:17 
   18 Maisie Waller-Toyne                          SOS          Monkwick juniors      16:51 
   19 Robert Heald                  M10            SUFFOC       Claydon Primary       17:42 
   20 Keira + Tristan Buist         W6             SOS          St Andrews            19:52 
   21 David Low + 1                 M10            WAOC         Morley Memorial       22:06 
   22 Emily Brown                   W10            NOR                                22:11 
   23 Samuel Bell + Bradley Catterm M10            SOS          St Andrews            32:21 
   24 Elena Gower                   W10            SOS          St Andrews School     33:12 
   25 Becky Howard + Bethany Collin W10/W12        SOS          St Andrews          1:04:39 

      Rosy Bird                     W10            SOS          St Andrews               mp 
      India Hook + Mia Polley       W10            SOS          St Andrews               mp 
      James Altham + Family         M10            IND                                   mp 

Yellow  (29)     2.7 km  30 m   12 C     

    1 Wilson Jeffery                M11            IND          KCS                   19:30 
    2 Jack Edwards                  M12            SOS          St Andrews            19:50 
    3 Sam Hague                     M10            WAOC         Morley Memorial       20:22 
    4 Georgia Gower                 W12            SOS          Ramsey                20:28 
    5 Joshua Buist                  M12            SOS          St Andrews            21:35 
    6 James Jeffery                 M13            IND          KCS                   23:27 
    7 Jasper Waller-Toyne                          SOS          Thomas Lord Audley    26:24 
    8 Chloe Plumb                   W12            SOS          Ramsey                26:45 
    9 Emilie Zsak                   M10            WAOC                               27:16 
   10 Anthony Ford                  M12            WAOC         KCS                   29:00 
   11 Dale Hellard                  M10            NOR                                31:47 
   12 Lucy Warland                  W10            SOS          Ixworth               32:33 
   13 Ryuya Ito                     M16            IND                                33:06 
   14 Ethan Price                   M10            IND          Westley Middle        35:08 
   15 Lesley + Poppy + Elizabeth Ro Group          IND                                36:55 
   16 Eilidh Renfrew                W8             NOR                                37:12 
   17 Morven Renfrew                W10            NOR                                37:29 
   18 Amelia Juniper                W10            SOS          St Andrews            40:37 
   19 Emil Almgren                  M10            WAOC         KCS                   41:08 
   20 Emma Almgren                  W10            WAOC         KCS                   41:11 
   21 Arai Natsuki + Naoko Takahash Group          IND                                43:30 
   22 The Harding Family            Group          IND                                54:39 
   23 Emily Lowther                 W3             IND                                59:33 
   24 Emily Jones +4                W8             IND                              1:03:47 

      Liam Polley + Thomas Martin   M10            SOS          St Andrews               mp 
      Robert Heald                  M10            SUFFOC       Claydon Primary          mp 
   nc Amy Bocking                   W12            SOS          Ramsey                28:27 
   nc Guy Jefferry                  M11            IND          KCS                   36:30 
   nc Tom Harrington + Ben Styman-H M10            SOS          St Andrews            41:46 

Orange  (21)     3.6 km  40 m   12 C     

    1 Callum Turner                 M12            SOS          Ramsey                38:56 
    2 Alison Zsak                   W40            WAOC                               40:18 
    3 Josh Partridge                M14            SOS          Hedingham             41:48 
    4 David Cannell + Julie + James M50/W45/M10    NOR                                50:48 
    5 Cathy Beard                   W55            IND                                52:51 
    6 Oliver Hague                  M14            WAOC         Cambridge Int         53:15 
    7 Cecilia D'Arcy                W50            IND                              1:01:28 
    8 Caitlin + Jack Dunning +2     W9/M7          IND                              1:07:03 
    9 Dominic Vinsen                M14            NOR                              1:10:27 
   10 Peter Lowther                 M7             IND                              1:16:07 
   11 Stephanie Ware                W14            SOS          Philip Morant       1:16:12 
   12 William Wood                  M12            NOR          Wymondham College   1:19:47 
   13 Susanne Gristwood Family      W55            NOR                              1:25:25 
   14 Carol Hill                    W55            WAOC                             1:26:56 
   15 Tyler Scamp                   M16            NOR          Wymondham College   1:30:37 
   16 Martin Parsons                M12            NOR          Wymondham College   1:32:37 

      Aileen Butler                 W60            SUFFOC                                mp 
      Margaret Moody                W45            SUFFOC                                mp 
      Chloe Cracknell               W12            SOS          Hedingham                mp 
      Lucy Edwards                  W12            SOS          Ramsey                   mp 
      Lisa Wynn + Caroline Goldswor W45            IND                                   mp 

Light Green  (35 3.9 km  40 m   11 C     

    1 Tim Harrison                  M14            SUFFOC       Perse                 35:46 
    2 Geoff Pye                     M55            SOS                                37:35 
    3 Mihir Chandraker              M16            WAOC                               46:03 
    4 Gary Hellard                  M40            NOR                                47:23 
    5 Clive Gristwood               M45            NOR                                48:12 
    6 Bronwen Mansel                W14            SUFFOC                             48:23 
    7 David Anstee                  M50            NOR                                49:05 
    8 Nahum Clements                M20            CUOC                               49:13 
    9 Annika Richardson             W21            NOR                                51:31 
   10 Daisy Partridge               W12            SOS          Hedingham             53:55 
   11 Liz Large                     W45            NOR                                54:09 
   12 Rob Coulter                   M65            SUFFOC                             55:43 
   13 Caitlin Campbell              W18            CHIG         Impington Village     55:59 
   14 Helen Campbell                W50            IND                                57:30 
   15 Renata Snow                   W20            CUOC                             1:00:48 
   16 Catherine Pennington          W60            WAOC                             1:00:55 
   17 Rose Macmillan                W21            CUOC                             1:01:08 
   18 Michael Rackham +1            M21            IND                              1:02:00 
   19 Seonaid Dudley                W70            WAOC                             1:03:57 
   20 Kayleigh Hellard              W16            NOR                              1:04:07 
   21 Ben Warland                   M14            SOS          Thurston            1:04:46 
   22 Sharon Warland                W45            SOS                              1:08:46 
   23 Francis Sin                   M21            CUOC                             1:16:03 
   24 Rob Smith                     M60            IND                              1:16:12 
   25 Ray Horne                     M60            SUFFOC                           1:18:07 
   26 Ruby Campbell                 W75            CHIG                             1:19:38 
   27 Susan Chan                    W18            CUOC                             1:22:21 
   28 Samuel Bolam                  M18            SOS                              1:23:33 
   29 Kevin + Meloney Dale          M50/W50        IND                              1:25:05 
   30 Clive Coles                   M65            SUFFOC                           1:26:59 
   31 Colin Curtis                  M75            WAOC                             1:29:52 
   32 Tony + Emily Brown            M35/W10        NOR                              1:33:16 
   33 Bill McLean                   M75            SUFFOC                           1:37:58 
   34 Paul Garton + Catherine Girva M60/W45        NOR                              1:50:21 

      Yvonne McLean                 W70            SUFFOC                                mp 

Green  (55)      5.2 km  60 m   13 C     

    1 Ben Windsor                   M21            CUOC                               31:29 
    2 Will Harrison                 M50            SUFFOC                             43:41 
    3 John Ward                     M70            NOR                                47:02 
    4 Zuzka Strakova                W20            CUOC                               49:28 
    5 Rob Kingman                   M60            NOR                                51:25 
    6 Sarah Gales                   W21            CUOC                               53:24 
    7 Paul Beecher                  M21            WAOC                               54:38 
    8 Edwin Banks                   M60            SOS                                55:20 
    9 Ella Gilbert                  W14            NOR                                55:21 
   10 Robin Stevens                 M45            LOG                                57:51 
   11 Richard Barker                M55            SOS                                58:13 
   12 Andrew Childs                 M55            SOS                                59:10 
   13 Simon Peck                    M55            SUFFOC                             59:26 
   14 Rachael Harrison              W16            SUFFOC       Perse                 59:55 
   15 Susan Clamp                   W50            SOS                              1:00:55 
   16 Harriet Burdett               W21            CUOC                             1:01:40 
   17 Edward Webster                M50            IND                              1:01:47 
   18 Peter Ryall                   M60            WAOC                             1:02:15 
   19 Michael Presland              M60            NOR                              1:06:45 
   20 Robin Campbell                M75            CHIG                             1:07:11 
   21 Les Jarrald                   M60            NOR                              1:07:54 
   22 Louise Walker                 W45            SUFFOC                           1:08:59 
   23 Peter Cheetham                M50            HH                               1:10:31 
   24 Jean Sinclair                 W45            IND                              1:11:01 
   25 Wesley Musall                 M60            SUFFOC                           1:11:28 
   26 Charlotte Cheetham            W50            HH                               1:11:46 
   27 Kristian Kalve                M18            NOR          Wymondham College   1:12:09 
   28 Karen Ezard                   W55            SOS                              1:12:35 
   29 Anthony Biggs                 M60            HAVOC                            1:13:14 
   30 Lyn West                      W45            SOS                              1:13:28 
   31 Helen Hague                   W40            WAOC                             1:14:31 
   32 Noreen Ives                   W55            WAOC                             1:14:58 
   33 Clara Duwegan                 W21            CUOC                             1:15:06 
   34 Rhiannon Ware + Jack Rogers   W16/M18        SOS                              1:15:29 
   35 John Beadle                   M65            IND                              1:16:51 
   36 Alice Hodkinson               W40            WAOC                             1:17:19 
   37 Rodney Freeburn               M70            NOR                              1:18:48 
   38 Estella Ward                  W60            NOR                              1:18:50 
   39 Hazel Bickle                  W60            WAOC                             1:19:08 
   40 Edward Low                    M10            WAOC         KCS                 1:19:24 
   41 Janis Ryall                   W60            WAOC                             1:21:28 
   42 Lucy Carter                   W35            SUFFOC                           1:21:32 
   43 Rachel Ambler                 W35            INT                              1:22:21 
   44 Christopher Davies            M65            SUFFOC                           1:23:41 
   45 Erica Pilkinton               W45            WAOC                             1:25:39 
   46 Leslie Childs                 M60            SOS                              1:30:11 
   47 Clare Woods                   W21            WAOC                             1:31:01 
   48 Maria Marshall                W60            WAOC                             1:32:03 
   49 Leanne Bailey                 W21            NOR                              1:36:10 
   50 Marion Fitt                   W60            NOR                              1:38:57 
   51 Alex Ware                     M20            SOS                              1:42:54 
   52 Paul Hill                     M60            WAOC                             1:49:33 
   53 Chris Gay                     W60            SUFFOC                           1:56:50 
   54 Charlie + Jackie Knowler      Group          IND                              3:02:29 

      Hilary Sellens                W55            SOS                                   mp 

Blue  (40)       7.1 km  100 m   19 C    

    1 Peter Warland                 M45            SOS                                54:34 
    2 Michael Bickle                M60            WAOC                             1:01:40 
    3 Mick Liston                   M60            NOR                              1:02:37 
    4 Roderick Mansel               M16            SUFFOC                           1:03:52 
    5 Neil Carter                   M35            SUFFOC                           1:04:51 
    6 David Sanderson               M50            SOS                              1:07:07 
    7 Martin Hore                   M60            SUFFOC                           1:07:10 
    8 Sebastian Pugh                M21            SOS                              1:07:43 
    9 Jonathan Gilbert              M50            NOR                              1:08:14 
   10 Robin Bourne                  M50            WAOC                             1:09:43 
   11 Nicholas Pugh                 M60            SOS                              1:12:49 
   12 Stephen Searle                M60            NOR                              1:15:04 
   13 Iain Stemp                    M45            WAOC                             1:15:20 
   14 Owen Warnock                  M55            NOR                              1:15:37 
   15 Colin West                    M55            SOS                              1:15:45 
   16 Rod Mansel                    M50            SUFFOC                           1:16:06 
   17 David Ball                    M65            NOR                              1:16:17 
   18 Mary Narey                    W21            IND                              1:18:43 
   19 David Vinsen                  M45            NOR                              1:19:28 
   20 Peter Waldron                 M55            NOR                              1:19:55 
   21 Bruce Marshall                M60            WAOC                             1:20:24 
   22 Perry Mole                    M45            SOS                              1:21:12 
   23 Sally Wilkinson               W45            SUFFOC                           1:21:25 
   24 Simon Hooton                  M55            SUFFOC                           1:21:30 
   25 Jim Lee                       M65            NC.N Aus                         1:21:38 
   26 Chris Childs                  M60            SOS                              1:22:36 
   27 Bob Hill                      M55            RAFO                             1:23:12 
   28 Jordan Curl-Roper             M21            IND                              1:23:34 
   29 Rakesh Chandraker             M50            WAOC                             1:29:29 
   30 Darren Lambert                M45            IND                              1:31:36 
   31 Colin Butler                  M60            SUFFOC                           1:41:17 
   32 Sue Woods                     W55            WAOC                             1:47:08 
   33 Caroline Louth                W50            WAOC                             1:50:42 
   34 Simon Clamp                   M50            SOS                              1:58:44 
   35 Graham Ward                   M65            NOR                              2:03:47 
   36 Peter Gay                     M70            SUFFOC                           2:12:53 

      William Morgan                M60            NOR                                   mp 
      David Cronk                   M50            WAOC                                  mp 
      Paul Price                    M45            NOR                                   mp 
      Andy Hasler                   M40            IND                                   mp 

Brown  (26)      8.7 km  110 m   28 C    

    1 Matthew Vokes                 M20            CUOC                               55:40 
    2 Glen Richardson               M21            NOR                                59:39 
    3 Robert Campbell               M45            CUOC                             1:01:12 
    4 Ian Renfrew                   M40            NOR                              1:03:36 
    5 Brian Cowe                    M35            WAOC                             1:04:10 
    6 Ian Hargreaves                M35            KERNO                            1:05:49 
    7 Duncan Harrison               M40            SOS                              1:06:13 
    8 Sean Blanchflower             M35            WAOC                             1:07:20 
    9 John Ward                     M40            NOR                              1:11:26 
   10 Ben Green                     M35            WAOC                             1:14:13 
   11 Alun Roberts                  M55            IND                              1:15:06 
   12 Martin Sellens                M60            SOS                              1:18:53 
   13 Alastair Hodges               M21            IND                              1:21:50 
   14 David Cooper                  M45            WAOC                             1:23:26 
   15 Jonathan Pye                  M21            IND                              1:26:10 
   16 Andrew Elliott                M40            SUFFOC                           1:31:04 
   17 Helen Lloyd                   W50            NOR                              1:33:16 
   18 Ben Holland                   M21            WAOC                             1:36:23 
   19 Chris Panton                  M35            SUFFOC                           1:40:10 
   20 Guy Roper + Tracey Curl       M50/W50        IND                              1:41:55 
   21 John Matthew Clarke           M40            SUFFOC                           1:42:55 
   22 Peter Woods                   M55            WAOC                             1:46:22 
   23 James Rickards                M18            CUOC                             2:11:29 

      Tracey Apperley               W40            SOS                                   mp 
      Fei Xie                       M20            CUOC                                  mp 
      Clive Tant                    M55            SOS                                   mp 

Organiser's Comments

As this was my first attempt at organising an orienteering event I was somewhat nervous as the day approached.  The first hiccup came on the Friday afternoon, when I found out that the professionally printed maps had been sent erroneously to Clive Coles instead of the planner Phil Halford.  Many thanks to Clive for delivering them personally to my house, from where Phil was able to retrieve them.  One hurdle overcome satisfactorily!
Next came the day itself, with a promising start – frosty but clear with the temperature rising as the sun came up.  I felt sorry for the planner and controller who would be out in the cold and the dark well before I arrived on site shortly before 8am.  As my trusty team of helpers arrived the assembly area was set up and once John’s new generator had started first time, the download team was ready.  There were a couple of problems with some SI boxes and an electric fence appearing overnight, but we still managed to open the courses at 10:3Oam.  Well done to all concerned.
Registration started calmly, but soon became rather hectic as it was clear that we were going to run out of some maps.  I apologise to all those people who a) had to give up their map so another orienteer could use it, and b) those people who had to wait while we retrieved a used map for them.  I have copies of the White, Yellow and Light Green maps which I am happy to email to anyone who needs one.  Please contact me by email at sketchweppers@tiscali.co.uk.  I would like to especially thank Rob and Aileen for dealing with the brunt of the chaos this lack of maps caused.
As orienteers began to complete their courses I became aware of a few map issues.  Firstly there were no North lines on the map – only three North arrows.  This was an oversight and the controller has apologised for this error.  Control number 134, a pit close to the finish seemed to be slightly misplaced, and I received a complaint about the fifth control on the green course – control number 142 – being unfairly placed.  After consulting the controller and planner, and studying the splits to this control I decided that it was unnecessary to void the leg between controls 4 and 5 on the green course.  This control was also visited on the blue and brown courses and it did not appear to cause any major problems on these courses.
I received a number of compliments about the courses and the event in general, and I think many orienteers were happy to be running in an area which hasn’t been used for orienteering for about 10 years.  The weather clearly helped, but also I think that credit must go to our novice planner Phil Halford (and controller Clive Wilkinson) for creating some interesting courses in a somewhat restricted area.
Finally thanks must go to Liz Thomas from the National Trust for allowing us access to Ickworth Park, obviously a popular venue.  I hope we will be able to return in the future.  Thanks too to all the volunteers who helped me on the day, putting up with my brusque manner (not helped by my toothache) and particularly my family – Rod for his advice (before, during and after the event) and for being a taxi driver on the day, and both kids for not being as argumentative as normal and being unusually helpful.
It was great to see so many people out orienteering – both experienced people and newcomers.  Hope to see you all out again at another event in the near future.

Sarah Mansel - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

As a first attempt at planning I was very pleased to receive many pleasing comments saying how much people enjoyed their run at Ickworth Park. I am sure that the great weather helped to put a positive glow on their experiences. It was also more important to hear the more critical thoughts about the courses which will help to improve any future efforts at planning. It is always a difficult area to plan due to the individual patches of woodland being separated by the parkland which inevitably relies on the paths in between. Added to this, the movement of the sheep, temporary electric fences and some dodgy gates added further constraints. I was pleased to use the northern part of the park with the woodland area that has not been used for quite some time and hoped that people enjoyed something new.

I must thank Clive the Controller for all his help and feedback that helped me through my first attempt at planning and all those who helped on the day. I have now got some pointers for improvement and much encouragement from the many pleasing comments.

Phil Halford - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

It was great to see such a good turnout at Ickworth today as well as the glorious weather. It was an inexperienced team that led the event today and my thanks go to first time planner Phil for his excellent courses that made the most of the landscape in the north of the park and first time organiser Sarah's efficient running of the event. I received many positive comments about the event and have relayed these to the team. I apologise to any orienteers who found problems on their courses including the lack of north lines on the map. These were accidently deleted during the final edit and only spotted on the day at 1030.  Also the pit (135) which was in an unmapped pit about 20m west of the one shown on the map.  Finally the vegetation boundary control (142) which was positioned on a conifer, deciduous boundary which was not as clear as it would be in the winter, although looking up at the leaves and canopy gave a strong clue.  The control itself was adjacent to a tree and should have been positioned slightly away from the tree.  I have analysed the splits for the legs affected by these controls and have come to the conclusion that voiding the relevant legs would not be beneficial to the results due to the low number of orienteers who were possibly effected compared with those who completed that leg successfully.

Clive Wilkinson - SUFFOC