Level D Event


Bridge Wood 08.06.13

This event has been uploaded to Routegadget so you can draw your routes for all to see
You will need to manually input your finish time (and splits if you have them)

White 1.3Km 45m 15 Controls
Position Name Age Class Club Time Remarks
1 Nicholas Clarke + family W8 Ind 0:16:32
2 Theo Family M8 Ind 0:19:12
3 Ellie Kirwan W13 Ind 0:19:34
4 Holly Gittins W12 Ind 0:19:36
5 Craig Catrter M8 SUFFOC 0:25:36
6 Ryan Carter M5 SUFFOC 0:33:04
Ben Partridge M7 SOS 0:19:18 Missing points 10,14,15
Yellow 1.7Km 55m 14 Controls
Position Name Age Class Club Time Remarks
1 Laver M10 Ind 0:17:04
2 Nick Clarke +2 W3 Ind 0:24:05 2nd Run
3 Warrington Family W4 Ind 0:32:19
4 Keith Borrett +2 Ind 0:47:17
Orange 2.4Km 65m 16 Controls
Position Name Age Class Club Time Remarks
1 Dave Fiddeman Ind 1:05:56
2 Verity Mole W50 SOS 1:12:14
Holly Gittins Ind 0:52:47 Retired, 2nd Run
Elly Kirwan Ind 0:52:51 Retired, 2nd Run
Lt Green 2.9Km 65m 17 Controls
Position Name Age Class Club Time Remarks
1 Tim Harrison M14 SUFFOC 0:28:18
2 Neil Carter M35 SUFFOC 0:29:18
3 Richard Bonnett M55  SOS 0:30:20
4 P Warland M45 SOS 0:31:36
5 J Williams M60 SOS 0:36:28
6 Perry Mole M45 SOS 0:37:55
7 Louise Walker W45 SUFFOC 0:38:18
8 Will Harrison M50 SUFFOC 0:39:07
9 Matthew Clarke M12 SUFFOC 0:39:35
10 Daisy Partridge W14 SOS 0:40:22
11 John Clarke M45 SUFFOC 0:42:59
12 Sally Wilkinson W45 SUFFOC 0:43:32 Non Competetive
13 Sarah Mansel W45 SUFFOC 0:43:36
14 Simon Peck M55  SUFFOC 0:46:43
15 Rachael harrison W18 SUFFOC 0:49:57
16 Sandra Clarke W21 Ind 0:50:11
17 Josh Partridge M14 SOS 0:51:13
18 Steven Partridge M40 SOS 0:53:08
19 Henry Mole M16 SOS 0:58:13
20 Roderick Mansel SUFFOC 0:58:44
21 Peter Gay M70 SUFFOC 1:08:18
22 Janet Hill W55 Ind 1:10:20
23 Sam + Mike 1:11:57
24 Chris Gay W60 SUFFOC 1:44:14
Catherine Mole W14 SOS 1:12:11 Missing points 12,13, 14

Organiser's Comments

Always difficult to judge what the attendance at  a 'Come and Try It' Event will be but you always have to plan for maximum attendance. Thank you to all the club members who turned out on a Saturday especially to Craig and Ryan Carter with their enthusiastic help with the results and the washing line!

Louise Walker - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

I thoroughly enjoyed my first attempt at planning, even though I was a bit nervous before hand, because i hadn't done it before. I was very much looking forward to the comments on my Light Green as I had attempted to make it harder than usual because I knew it was the hardest course on the day. I also wanted the runners to use paths as little as possible. I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and look forward to planning again in the future.

Bryn Wilkinson - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

For a first go at planning Bryn came up with some good courses that everyone enjoyed. He did very well trying to keep those on the Lt Green off the paths with some of you even traversing the marshy bit. It will be interesting to see the routes on routegadget (see the link above to input yours).

Paul Lowe - SUFFOC