Daisy's Wood 2013Sun 20/01/2013 18:55
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   Pl Name                          AgeClass       Club         School                 Time 

White  (13)      2.0 km  0 m   10 C      

    1 Alexander Parker              M11            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          13:05 
    2 Joshua Buist                  M12            SOS          St Andrews            13:38 
    3 Jack Ecuyer                   M10            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          13:40 
    4 Hugo Thompson                 M11            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          14:20 
    5 Tom Steed                     M11            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          16:29 
    6 Harry Ferguson                M11            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          17:17 
    7 Emily Williams                W11            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          17:26 
    8 Maisie Waller-Toyne           W10            SOS          Monkwick Junior       20:25 
    9 Tilly Salmon                  W11            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          21:12 
   10 Ben Partridge                 M7             SOS          St Andrews            26:22 
   11 Thomas Turner                 M10            SOS          St Andrews            35:02 
   12 Craig Carter+1                M10            SUFFOC       Cliff Lane Primary    41:06 
   13 Ryan Carter+1                 M10            SUFFOC       Cliff Lane Primary    44:09 

Yellow  (7)      2.5 km  5 m   11 C      

    1 John-Henry Love               M14            SOS          Hedingham             22:56 
    2 Jasper Waller-Toyne           M12            SOS          T.L.A.                23:11 
    3 Haydn Garrod                  M12            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          26:43 
    4 Lucy Warland                  W10            SOS          Ixworth Primary       36:42 
    5 Aileen Butler                 W65            SUFFOC                             41:34 
    6 Alys Phillips                 W12            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          51:33 
    7 Clare Lambert+Family          W40            IND                              1:09:52 

Orange  (6)      3.4 km  15 m   12 C     

    1 Jessie Backhouse + 3          W18            IND          Farlingaye            41:02 
    2 Callum Turner                 M12            SOS          Ramsey College        44:07 
    3 Richard Narey                 M45            IND                              1:04:05 
    4 Nunn Family + others          Group          IND                              1:23:46 
    5 Christina Bail + group 6      W45            IND          IOG                 1:42:18 

      Howard Steed                  M50            IND                                   mp 

Lt Green  (11)   3.8 km  25 m   15 C     

    1 Matthew James Clarke          M12            SUFFOC       Barnardiston          35:05 
    2 Charles Redshaw                              IND                                51:33 
    3 Daisy Partridge               W14            SOS          Hedingham           1:00:33 
    3 Bronwen Mansel                W16            SUFFOC       County Upper        1:00:33 
    5 Jack Rogers                   M18            IND          Suffolk New Colleg  1:06:53 
    6 Josh Partridge                M14            SOS          Hedingham           1:07:15 
    7 John Webb                     M75            SUFFOC                           1:13:04 
    8 Sharon Warland                W45            SOS                              1:13:13 
    9 Jack Isbester                 M75            SOS                              1:21:31 
   10 Steve Gray                    M50            IND                              1:33:48 

      Ben Warland                   M16            SOS          Thurston CC              mp 

Green  (15)      4.8 km  20 m   18 C     

    1 Peter Warland                 M45            SOS                                42:01 
    2 Tim Harrison                  M14            SUFFOC                             42:44 
    3 Ella Gilbert                  W16            NOR                                47:10 
    4 Louise Walker                 W45            SUFFOC                             49:41 
    5 Roderick Mansel               M16            SUFFOC       County Upper          54:03 
    6 Sarah Mansel                  W45            SUFFOC                             57:08 
    7 Darren Lambert                M45            IND                              1:06:26 
    8 Simon Peck                    M55            SUFFOC                           1:08:27 
    9 David Skinner                 M60            SOS                              1:10:30 
   10 Susan Waller-Toyne            W45            SOS                              1:10:35 
   11 Rhiannon Ware                 W18            SOS          CGHS                1:15:14 
   12 Colin Butler                  M60            SUFFOC                           1:15:55 
   13 Alexander Ware                M20            SOS                              1:31:26 
   14 Julie Laver                   W45            SOS                              1:42:38 

   nc Simon Hooton                  M55            SUFFOC                             55:13 

Blue  (10)       7.2 km  35 m   24 C     

    1 Duncan Harrison               M40            SOS                              1:01:09 
    2 Richard Bonnett               M55            SOS                              1:03:38 
    3 Jonathon Gilbert              M50            NOR                              1:06:13 
    4 Martin Hore                   M60            SUFFOC                           1:08:04 
    5 Will Harrison                 M50            SUFFOC                           1:11:43 
    6 Phil Halford                  M55            SUFFOC                           1:23:46 
    7 Adam Waller-Toyne             M45            SOS                              1:24:29 
    8 Rod Mansel                    M50            SUFFOC                           1:29:22 
    9 Mary Narey                    W45            IND                              1:32:59 
   10 Carol Fowles                  W50            IND                              1:49:53 

Brown  (7)       8.4 km  35 m   26 C     

    1 Sean Blanchflower             M40            WAOC                             1:06:31 
    2 Ben Green                     M35            WAOC                             1:15:45 
    3 Andrew Elliott                M40            SUFFOC                           1:17:54 
    4 Bert Park                     M45            IND                              1:18:34 
    5 Michael Brooke                M60            IND                              1:44:46 
    6 John Matthew Clarke           M45            SUFFOC                           1:48:05 

      Neil Carter                   M35            SUFFOC                                mp 

Organiser's Comments

Thanks to all the SUFFOC members who helped at the event.  I really appreciated everyone turning out in freezing temperatures with the snow laying all around.  And we managed to get away before the forecasted snow showers set in!

Also thanks to all the hardy runners that came to support the event. As one runner said, “well it is a Scandanavian sport!”  I heard many positive comments about the courses so well done to Paul for his excellent planning.  Thanks also to John and Jenny for their calm, assured controlling of the event.

Sally Wilkinson - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

Thanks for all the positive comments about the courses. Most of you seemed to enjoy them even with the blanket of snow, so thanks for coming. When I taped control 132 the ditch was dry I stood in the middle of it and put the tag on an over hanging branch. On the day when putting out the control I approached from the SE and discovered how full it had become so put the control on the outside of the bend. I should have realised that it was going to be approached from the NW by those on the course and thus sited the control on the inside of the bend making it easier to get to - for that I appologise.

Paul Lowe - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

First, a well done to Sally and Paul, who with their teams managed to set up an event when many other outdoor events were cancelled.
They kept a careful watch on the projected snowfall and made the correct decision for the event to go ahead, with the minor restriction on Blue and Brown course starts closing earlier.

Secondly, thanks to all the competitors, teachers and parents who made the decision to come along – the forest looked beautiful under a blanket of white.

Some concerns were expressed about the following controls:
130 – the earthwall end. The control was a slight distance from the tape, I certainly found the area different and more difficult due to lumps of bracken being covered in snow looking like odd bits of banking.
132 – ditch bend. When taped, and initially checked, the ditch did not seem too deep or wide, I crossed it south of the site (before Christmas), but all the extra water did cause problems – apologies for that.

John Collyer - SOS