Nowton Park 2014Sun 08/06/2014 19:56
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   Pl Name                          AgeClass       Club         School                 Time 

White  (22)      1.5 km   12 C           

    1 Tom Rowe                      M10            WAOC                               11:11 
    2 Craig Carter                  M10            SUFFOC       Cliff Lane PS         12:06 
    3 Simon Palmer                                 IND                                14:56 
    4 Marcus North +1                              WAOC         Cavendish             15:27 
    5 Theo Steventon-Barnes         M8             SUFFOC       St Marys              18:08 
    6 Julie Hammond                 W50            SUFFOC                             19:50 
    7 Ryan Carter +1                M10            SUFFOC                             21:01 
    8 Daniel Rowe                   M7             WAOC                               24:05 
    9 Jemima Borrill                W10            WAOC                               24:29 
   10 Caitlin Dunning               W12            IND                                26:14 
   11 Jack Dunning                  M10            IND                                27:22 
   12 McNicholas Family                            IND                                28:08 
   13 Isaac Rosewell +1                            IND                                33:54 
   14 Scarlett Morley               W8             IND                                40:38 
   15 Vanessa Hill                                 IND                                41:26 
   16 Baldwin Family                               IND                                42:09 
   17 Harrison Morley                              IND                                43:12 
   18 Ben Clarke                    M10            SUFFOC                             46:53 
   19 David Pysznik                 M21            IND                                51:30 

      James Clarke                                 SUFFOC                                mp 
      Jack Smith +1                                IND                                   mp 
      Hannah Smith +1               W12            IND          Ipswich                  mp 

Yellow  (6)      2.1 km   15 C           

    1 Jack Hammond                  M12            SUFFOC                             19:04 
    2 Barney Steventon-Barnes       M10            SUFFOC       St Marys              20:06 
    3 June Webb                     W80            SUFFOC                             35:47 
    4 Caitlin + Jack + Jemima                      SUFFOC                             37:00 
    5 Marcus North                  M6             IND          Cavendish             39:29 
    6 McNicholas Family                            IND                                45:55 

Orange  (11)     3.3 km   14 C           

    1 Richard Hammond               M50            SUFFOC                             37:38 
    2 Ben Hammond                   M14            SUFFOC                             41:24 
    3 Simon Palmer                                 IND                                47:07 
    4 James and Yvonne Fenton       M35/W35        IND                                51:13 
    5 Emma + Anthony Smith          W15            IND                              1:10:28 
    6 Mark + Bethany Skoulding      M40            IND                              2:03:27 
    7 Jane Skoulding                               IND                              2:07:23 
    8 Edelle Devaney +1                            IND                              2:07:41 

      Wayne+1 Webb                                 IND          Ixworth Primary          mp 
      Lucy Warland                  W12            SOS                                   mp 
      Lin Chase                     M50            IND                                   mp 

Lt Green  (1)    3.6 km   16 C           

    1 Peter Bates +1                M60            IND                              1:11:36 

Sh Green  (2)    3.3 km   11 C           

    1 Hannah Steventon-Barnes       W40            SUFFOC                           1:04:50 
    2 Ray Horne                     M60            SUFFOC                           1:17:11 

Green  (20)      4.5 km   16 C           

    1 Peter Warland                 M45            SOS                                32:43 
    2 Neil Carter                   M35            SUFFOC                             32:51 
    3 John Clarke                   M45            SUFFOC                             37:31 
    4 Lizzie Rosewell               W21            SUFFOC                             38:09 
    5 Will Harrison                 M50            SUFFOC                             39:03 
    6 Rod Mansel                    M55            SUFFOC                             41:03 
    7 Sally Wilkinson               W50            SUFFOC                             58:00 
    8 Sharon Warland                W45            SOS                                59:27 
    9 Edwin Banks                   M60            SOS                              1:05:12 
   10 Noreen Ives                   W60            WAOC                             1:07:07 
   11 Maria Marshall                W60            WAOC                             1:12:44 
   12 Chris Gay                     W60            SUFFOC                           1:21:11 
   13 John Webb                     M75            SUFFOC                           1:22:57 
   14 Peter Gay                     M70            SUFFOC                           1:23:31 
   15 Alex Radcliffe                W35            IND                              1:25:53 
   16 Ian Richardson +2                            IND                              1:30:12 
   17 Margaret Moody                W50            SUFFOC                           1:44:10 

      Roderick Mansel               M18            SUFFOC                                mp 
      Sarah Mansel                  W45            SUFFOC                                mp 
      Catherine Mole                W16            SOS          Debenham High            mp 

Training  (13)   6.2 km   21 C           

    1 Gareth Radcliffe              M21            BAOC                               45:32 
    2 Neil Rosewell                 M35            SUFFOC                             53:04 
    3 Chris Panton                  M35            SUFFOC                             54:58 
    4 Martin Hore                   M60            SUFFOC                             57:30 
    5 Stephen Borrill               M40            WAOC                               58:49 
    6 Philip Halford                M60            SUFFOC                           1:00:16 
    7 Perry Mole                    M45            SOS                              1:04:41 
    8 Colin West                    M55            SOS                              1:06:01 
    9 Lyn West                      W60            IND                              1:10:38 
   10 Paul Ellis                    M35            WAOC                             2:28:17 

      Tim Harrison                  M16            SUFFOC       Perse                    mp 
      Bruce Marshall                M60            WAOC                                  mp 
      Jason Dunning                 M40            WAOC                                  mp 

Organiser's Comments

A big thank you to all of the volunteers who helped and made the event run so smoothly. The weather certainly helped. It was a glorious day and it was good to see so many families turn up to have a go at orienteering. This was my first attempt at organising and I was very thankful for Simon’s guidance throughout. A special mention must also be given for Simon’s efforts at the Suffolk Show . He manned the maze for 2 days with the help of other club members and this certainly generated a great deal of interest. Many thanks to Paul for controlling the event and helping out with the flyers and the results

John Clarke - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

Glorious weather and perhaps a bit too hot to run in by the middle of the day. Nowton is a pretty site but has its constraints for planning courses. Where there are paths, there are lots of them making it hard for simple beginner's courses but also hard to get any real difficulty for technical courses. The final planning of this happened at a very busy time and also made it hard to check back before printing to see what areas of grass the rangers had cut which altered the sense of some paths. On the Green some folk found the 'distinctive conifer' a challenge though its position on the edges of the trees and the open was right: just depends if you think trees need to be mature.

On the training course the distinctive deciduous seemed further West if you came in on the path from the North that stopped on the map (but in reality kept on going through to the southern boundary path). If you came at it from the west on the boundary path it seemed about right. So sorry a bit of weaker mapping (my fault not Simon Peck or Rod Mansel I stress) caused a few errors.

What was good is that a number of new people had a go and came back happy and tempted to try more. That is pleasing and I hope makes up for any frustrations of others.  Well organised by John on his first occasion and Paul as controller always manages to improve my
understanding of the sport.

Thanks to all that helped or attended.

Simon Hooton - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments


Paul Lowe - SUFFOC