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2.4km 10m

Pos Name Club Class Time
1st Oliver Prince SOS M10 15:32
2nd Theo Steventon-Barnes SUFFOC M10 16:35
3rd Alex and Nicole Hanshem IND Yellow 19:06
4th Craig Carter SUFFOC M10 19:48
5th Elizabeth + Poppy Roberts WAOC Yellow 29:35
n/c Thomas Davenport + 1 IND Yellow 30:34
6th Hebe Darwin WAOC W10 36:14
7th Jack + June Davenport IND Yellow 40:30
8th Aileen Butler SUFFOC Yellow 40:57
9th Mae Batchelor +1 IND Yellow 46:51
10th James Briggs +1 IND Yellow 54:34
m8 Abigail Prince SOS W10 30:11
m2-3 Alesha Lowe SUFFOC Yellow 30:47
m1 m6 w8 Claire Ball + Clare Jenkinson IND Yellow 81:26