Colour Coded and EAGAL Event, 31 October 1999

Organiser's Comments
Controller's Comments
Planners' Comments

  White  2.0km  9 Controls  
1 H & A Chafey M8/W10 NOR 22.02
2 F. Gilbey   SOS 28.01
3 Liam Abel M10 NOR 30.43
4 Gregory Carton M10 SOS 31.48
5 Laura Goldsworthy W6 NOR 47.14
6 Picken +4   Ind 47.47
7 Harriet Lawson   LEI 59.29
  Yellow 2.7km 10 Controls  
1 Tony Dancie   WAOC 33:17
2 Phillip Humphries  M10 WAOC 33.41
3 J. Turner W21 Ind 36.15
4 Jane Counsell   Ind 39.25
5 Sean Collins +1 M10/W18 SOS 43.18
6 Arabella Gilby   SOS 45.55
7 Jamie Lawson +1 M12 WAOC 48.15
  Par Time     49.55
8 P Robinette +3   Ind 61.59
9 Dale Family   Ind 63.58
10 Matthew Johnson M10 SOS 69.11
11 Ben Barker + Oliver M8 SUFFOC 113.14
  Orange 3.6km 11 Controls  
1 Martin Humphries M12 WAOC 37.25
2 Ester Stieber   Ind 40.46
3 Louise Davey W21 SUFFOC 47.13
  Par Time     56.07
4 Shaun & Allison Whymark W & M21 SUFFOC 56.17
5 V. Pye W10 SOS 82.05
6 J. Biggs W45 HAVOC 84.36
  Light Green 4.1km 12 Controls  
1 David de Carcenac M21 CUOC 40.09
2 Angus Bryant M21 CUOC 46.55
3 Chris Davies M50 SUFFOC 49.48
4 Joanne West W17 SOS 49.51
5 I. Taylor M35 IND 50.09
6 Jeremy Barker M40 SUFFOC 50.15
7 Jonathan Rees M40 WAOC 50.15
8 Seb Barker M12 SUFFOC 52.48
9 Katie Sellens W14 SOS 53.51
10 Karl Yeadon +1 M6 + M12 SUFFOC 56.46
11 Sebastian Pugh M12 SOS 60.38
12 J. Pye M12 SOS 66.49
  Par Time     66.50
13 Emma Johnson W12 SOS 69.24
14 R & J Booth M60 + W50 WASH 70.06
15 Sally Johnson W21 SOS 70.48
16 Chris Chudziak M20 CUOC 73.04
17 Hillary Larwood W14 NOR '73.48
18 Sheila Farnbank W70 NOR 76.54
19 Sue Morgan W45 Ind 77.20
20 Cicely Mason +1 W40 SUFFOC 83.21
21 Derek Lay M55 SUFFOC 85.51
22 Carol Hill W45 WAOC 92.57
23 Pauline Stevens W70 SOS 104.57
24 Brian Savage +2 M55 Ind 122.58
  Green 5.2km 14 Controls  
1 L.Able (missing #11) M21 NOR 43.00
2 Seb Hoyle M21 CUOC 47.38
3 Kim Eden W40 NOR 47.49
4 S. Bleasdale M21 CUOC 48.08
5 M. Larwood M16 NOR 49.21
6 J. Ferris  W21 SOS 52.37
7 Peter Ryall M50 WAOC 53.53
8 Mitch Lock M50 Ind 57.20
9 Gareth Walker & Mark Wiles M21 Ind 57.29
10 J. Rees M40 WAOC 59.35
11 John Webb M60 SUFFOC 60.13
12 Derek Ladkin M65 SOS 62.37
13 V. Lawson W21 LEI 63.24
14 Clarrissa Napier W60 NOR 66.10
15 T. Hammersley M55 NOR 67.11
16 S. Baldwin M21 Ind 67.23
17 C. Curtis M65 WAOC 67.59
18 Ian Lawson M45 WAOC 69.03
19 Frank Gaughan M35  NOR 69.42
20 S. Gash W16 WAOC 71.24
21 Bill McLean M60 SUFFOC 71.46
  Par Time     71.47
22 S. Speller  W35 Ind 73.07
23 Clive Coles M55 SUFFOC 73.36
24 J. Batten M50 WAOC 73.54
25 Lynn West W45 SOS 74.20
26 Sue Carton W45 SOS 74.33
27 B. George W65 NOR 79.52
28 Simon Gardner M12 WAOC 82.45
29 Shona Fairchild W40 NOR 82.49
30 D. Allman M65 NOR 84.01
31 Sue Vine W55 NOR 84.38
32 Mike Gardner W40 WAOC 85.17
33 Pat Bedder W55 NOR 87.03
34 G. Russell W55 SOS 90.01
35 Piro Skatimar +1 W/M21 WAOC 92.49
36 Louise Farr W21 SUFFOC 100.12
37 Andrew Milligan M45 SUFFOC 101.38
38 G. Farnbank M21 NOR 102.29
39 Alan Milton M70 SOS 102.59
40 B. Farnbank M75 NOR 107.52
41 Giles de Bertodano M45 SUFFOC 115.27
  Jack Isbester  M65 NOR Retired
  Blue 7.5km 18 Controls  
1 Tim Eden M45 NOR 59.18
2 P. Martin M55 NOR 63.18
3 R. Bonnett M40 SOS 63.25
4 Martin Hore M45 SUFFOC 66.25
5 J. Wollard M18 CUOC 66.41
6 P. Brown M45 NOR 67.38
7 N. Gardner M50 NOR 67.57
8 J. Rushner M50 NOR 67.58
9 Jon Coles M21 MV 68.33
10 G. Corden M35 NOR 69.25
11 David Ball M55 NOR 71.01
12 Colin West M40 SOS 71.16
13 T. Collins M40 SOS 72.37
14 Stephen Pugh M16 SOS 73.12
15 J. Eagles M50 NOR 73.33
16 Andrew Cordle M45 SOS 75.27
17 H. Sellens W40 SOS 76.31
18 N. Nicholls W35 NOR 76.58
19 W. Morgan M50 NOR 77.26
20 Steve Scoffin M45 SUFFOC 77.54
21 G. Eagles M45 NOR 78.46
22 L. Ball M14 NOR 79.54
23 Les Jarrald M50 NOR 80.19
24 Paul Lowe M40 SUFFOC 80.35
25 Louise Walker W21 SUFFOC 81.06
26 D. Lewellyn M40 SOS 81.30
27 Jeremy Gray M35 SUFFOC 83.28
28 D. Anstey M35 NOR 83.57
29 John Beadle M50 WAOC 84.56
30 V. Pap W20 WAOC 85.03
31 S. Chafey M40 NOR 87.27
32 Andrew Elliott M21 SUFFOC 88.53
  Par Time     88.57
33 H. Gardner W14 WAOC 89.15
34 S. Watkins W21 NOR 89.26
35 Tony Biggs M50 HAVOC 91.53
36 I. Walters M55 NOR 94.43
37 Karen Goldsworthy W21 NOR 94.59
38 Oliver Lockwood M19 CUOC 96.16
39 J. Ryall W45 WAOC 96.22
40 R. Mann M55 SOS 97.19
41 Petora Kovari M21 WAOC 104.10
42 T. Pitman W21 Ind 106.05
43 B. Shepherd M45 SOS 106.21
44 Paul Hill M45 WAOC 106.48
45 N. Gardner W40 WAOC 111.04
46 Linda Gash W40 WAOC 114.05
  Brown 9.9km 22 Controls  
1 D. Lawson M35 LEI 70.43
2 Tony Harden M40 BOK 70.54
3 Ian Renfrew M21 WAOC 71.17
4 Rolf Crook M21 WAOC 72.18
5 Paul Goldsworthy M35 NOR 76.02
6 J. Counsell M35 AOC 77.30
7 Neil Humphries M35 WAOC 77.31
8 Philip Hudson M21 Ind 78.17
9 Steve Robertson M45 SOS 78.39
10 N. Pugh M45 SOS 78.55
11 Geoff Whitaker M35 SUFFOC 79.25
12 D. Hudson M35 Ind 81.53
13 Justin Caulkett M21 SUFFOC 82.26
14 Owen Wallis M35 SUFFOC 83.58
15 Mark Johnson M35 SOS 84.48
16 M. Wadeson M35 WAOC 85.27
17 P. Thomas M35 BAOC 87.51
18 S. Cone M45 NOR 90.39
19 Geoff Pye M40 SOS 92.08
20 Dave Freer M21 SUFFOC 96.55
21 H. Cooper W21 WAOC 98.38
22 N. King M40 NOR 104.42
  Par Time     106.04
23 Jeff Farr M35 SUFFOC 115.56
24 A. Wilson M21 Ind 116.15
25 C. Middleton M21 NOR 119.47
26 P. Fretter M21 Ind 119.57
  A. Wadeson M40 WAOC Retired

Organiser's Comments

Applause! Applause! Applause!

    I have thanked the land owners of Shrubland Park, Lord and Lady de Saumarez, for our access to their lovely park.  We are privileged to have their support for Orienteering on their land.
    We were also lucky to have such a sunny day after the overnight rain.
    Thanks also to all the team leaders and helpers and for the new map which John Webb and Simon Peck have put in so much time and effort to produce.
    I hope not too many competitors were put off by the colours of the master maps.  Some commented that the disparity in shades used for the map and for the master maps was offputting.

Richard Johnson 1/1/99.
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Controller's Comments

My thanks to Simon for his very comprehensive controllers pack, which made my job very easy.  I believe Simon and Anne picked all the best bits of the estate (and yes I did get stung by nettles whilst checking locations!).  I did ask him to delete one control near the range at the Northern end of the map.  I was out checking said control location when they started firing.  David Seamen would have been proud of my dive for cover!

I hope everyone enjoyed the delights of the Shrubland Estate.  Looking at the expected winning times, only the Brown course went beyond our expectations.  Maybe because of the vegetation.  Hopefully everyone survived the stinging nettles.  Another couple of weeks and they will have just about gone!

I had a complaint about the using of copies from the digital printer for the master maps, which were paler than the copies from the printers.  Apologies for this, but it does make for very accurate copies and it does make the different courses all the same.  Cannot complain about progress!

Steve Nobbs.
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Planners' Comments

We hope you all enjoyed the courses,   and the weather,  which was about as good as you get at the end of October.    We had several pleasant days in the forest planning,   though like you,   had to contend with the vibrant nettles and brambles.   If it's any consolation we had about five or six visits to most sites,  mapping,  planning,  checking,  placing and retrieving controls,   often when the undergrowth was worse,   and have the stings and scratches as evidence.    The pleasures of a thunderstorm were even ‘enjoyed’ when test running the Blue.

From the planners' point of view things went well on the day, though our attempts to set up a crossing point over the live electric fence on the Brown (consisting of lots of tape and a few rather wobbly logs) was,  probably sensibly,  avoided as much as used by runners.   Winning times were 10-15% longer than expected on most courses and several people were out for quite a while..   We hope that no one  was seriously discouraged from attending more events.   Course lengths were based on previous events at Shrubland (including Autumn runs) but the vegetation persisted longer than anticipated,   and perhaps we were more demanding of you (especially for juniors) than some East Anglian courses.   Having visited and run in the Lakes in each of the last two summers we appreciate that standards elsewhere can be higher and this possibly influenced us.      Sadly the turnout (especially of Juniors) was not as high as at a previous EAGAL at Shrubland,   though this is almost certainly  as the event coincided with the School holiday.

As an experiment (and to ease the fact that one of the planners lives in Wales) OCAD was used as a planning tool.     It made keeping track of control sites and courses and keeping each other and the Controller up to date very easy,   and the tool to automatically measure course lengths is very useful.    This especially helped when the land owner erected some barbed wire fences around the finish area and extensive changes were required.    In retrospect this was beneficial as the area cut off by the wire was still covered by impenetrable undergrowth on the day of the event.  It also meant that we kept the Blue course in the woody bit  rather than trudging down to the open area in the south, and could alter the direction of the southern loop on the Brown ( and so remove the climb free alternate route  through the formal gardens which were OOB on the day).

We also experimented with OCAD prints for the master maps.    It saved drawing up 29 master maps, made sure all maps were identical, and made checking by the Controller easier.     I have heard a couple of comments about a little competitor confusion,   concerning colours and size of map displayed.      On balance it was probably a reasonable effort,  though could be improved upon.   Your comments.... via Points East ??  would be appreciated.

Thanks to Steve for his sensitive and helpful controlling.    But for Steve some of you would had been dragged into even grottier bits.    Also to Richard and his helpers who organised the day very efficiently,  and lastly thanks  to all of you attended  who made our efforts worthwhile.

Anne Elvidge & Simon Peck
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Last Updated on 18/11/1999
By David Freer