Hundred Acre WalksSun 02/10/2011 23:13
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   Pl Name                          AgeClass       Club         School                 Time 

White  (18)      1.9 km   10 C           

    1 Alexander Parker              M10            SUFFOC       Barn                  10:48 
    2 Joshua Buist                  M10            SOS          St Andrews            11:52 
    3 Christopher Jobe              M11            SUFFOC       Barn                  12:28 
    4 Alys Phillips                 W11            SUFFOC       Barn                  12:46 
    5 Charlotte Gilbey              W11            SUFFOC       Barn                  15:15 
    6 Jasper Waller-Toyne           M10            SOS          Monkwick Junior       15:38 
    7 H Peters + D Partidge         W9/W11         SOS          St Andrews            16:36 
    8 Barney + Hannah Steventon-Bar M6             NONE                               16:39 
    9 Joshua Palmer                 M10            SOS          St Andrews            16:54 
   10 E Gower + C Cracknell         W9/W10         SOS          St Andrews            17:14 
   11 Isobel Perry                  W10            SUFFOC       Barn                  17:50 
   12 Hugo Thompson +1              M10            SUFFOC       Barn                  22:45 
   13 Nicola Prevost +1             W11            SUFFOC       Barn                  22:53 
   14 Livia Gray                    W8             NONE         Gorseland             24:19 
   15 Theo + Zac + Jeremy Steventon Group          NONE                               28:08 
   16 Hope Dudley                   W11            SUFFOC       Barn                  28:32 
   17 L Jones + T Turner            W9/M9          SOS          St Andrews            59:41 

      Olivia Baldwin                M10            SOS                                   mp 

Yellow  (29)     2.2 km  0 m   8 C       

    1 David Jimoh                   M12            SUFFOC       Barn                  16:33 
    2 Matthew Clarke                M10            SUFFOC                             18:52 
    3 Callum Turner                 M11            NONE                               21:38 
    4 Ellie Harrison                W13            SUFFOC       Barn                  23:18 
    5 Olivia Jones                  W13            SUFFOC       Barn                  24:30 
    6 Emma Clarke                   W13            SUFFOC       Barn                  25:44 
    7 Daisy Partridge               W11            SOS          St Andrews            26:01 
    8 Jack Krempel                  M12            SUFFOC       Barn                  27:44 
    9 Georgia Gower                 W12            NONE         Ramsey College        29:33 
   10 Jessica Woodgate              W13            SUFFOC       Barn                  30:32 
   10 Lucy Edwards                  W12            NONE         Ramsey College        30:32 
   12 J Edwards + L Harrington      M9             SOS          St Andrews            31:36 
   13 Dominic Emmerson              M10            SOS          St Andrews            32:46 
   14 Benjamin Harrington           M10            SOS          St Andrews            40:22 
   15 Chloe Cracknell               W10            SOS          St Andrews            43:18 
   16 Craig Carter                  M6             SUFFOC                             46:23 
   17 Karen Smith                   W50            SUFFOC                             46:49 
   18 Daisy Saudry                  W16            NOR          Wymondham College     47:07 
   19 Ryan Carter +1                M4             SUFFOC       Cliff Lane            47:23 
   20 William Wood                  M12            NOR          Wymondham college     48:03 
   21 Edelle Devaney + 2            Group          NONE                               53:58 
   22 Bokan Abdul-Obitayo           W14            NOR          Wymondham college     54:53 
   23 Nadine Randal                 W45            NOR                              1:02:31 
   24 Polly Peate                   W12            SUFFOC       Barn                1:10:14 
   25 Juliette Agazarian            W12            SUFFOC       Barn                1:11:26 
   26 Saskia Baldrey                W12            SUFFOC       Barn                1:12:19 

      Angus Dudley                  M12            SUFFOC       Barn                     mp 
      Hannah Peters                 W9             SOS          St Andrews               mp 
      Kim Lynn                      W14            NOR          Wymondham College        mp 

Orange  (12)     3.1 km   9 C            

    1 Heather Farthing              W55            NONE                             1:09:47 
    2 Bronwen Mansel                W14            SUFFOC                           1:15:03 
    3 Sharon Palmer                 W40            NONE                             1:16:37 
    4 Kieran Palmer                 M12            NONE         Colchster Royal Gr  1:21:08 
    5 Ruth Parsons                  W16            NOR          Wymondham College   1:33:29 
    6 David Cannell + Julie + James M10/W45/M50    NOR                              1:47:46 

      Millie + Noah + Claire Lamber Group          NONE                                  mp 
      Ben Clarke                    M6             SUFFOC       Barn                     mp 
      Dawn + Rhiannon Redler        W21/W6         NONE                                  mp 
      Alex + Olivia + Aaron + Ethan Group          NONE                                  mp 
      Stephanie Ware                W12            SOS                                   mp 
      Lynn Houlding                 W45            NONE                                  mp 

Light Green  (15 3.8 km   12 C           

    1 Roderick Mansel               M14            SUFFOC                             43:22 
    2 Timmy Harrison                M13            SUFFOC       Barn                  56:09 
    3 John Starkey                  M70            SOS                              1:03:48 
    4 Christopher Davies            M60            SUFFOC                           1:13:47 
    5 Rob Coulter                   M60            SUFFOC                           1:17:32 
    6 Ella Gilbert                  W14            NOR                              1:20:05 
    7 Henry Mole                    M14            SOS                              1:26:02 
    8 Robert Farthing               M55            SUFFOC                           1:39:40 
    9 Catherine Mole                W12            SOS                              1:44:49 
   10 Susan ?                       W50            NONE                             1:53:17 
   11 Lucy Carter                   W21            SUFFOC                           1:56:04 
   12 Verity Mole                   W50            SOS                              1:57:08 
   13 Aileen Butler                 W60            SUFFOC                           2:19:14 

      David Crerar                  M65            NONE                                  mp 
      Wesley Mulsall                M60            SUFFOC                                mp 

Short Green  (15 3.1 km   9 C            

    1 Jenny Collyer                 W65            SOS                                43:44 
    2 Christopher Bailey            M16            NOR                                49:53 
    3 Wendy Welham                  W50            SOS                                59:14 
    4 Clive Coles                   M65            SUFFOC                           1:09:19 
    5 Barbara George                W75            NOR                              1:09:52 
    6 John Webb                     M75            SUFFOC                           1:12:04 
    7 Yvonne McLean                 W70            SUFFOC                           1:13:53 
    8 Colin Curtis                  M75            WAOC                             1:15:57 
    9 Greta Taylor + Kevin + Melone W80/MW50       NONE                             1:16:14 
   10 Leanne Bailey                 W21            NOR                              1:18:10 
   11 Norman Howarth                M80            NOR                              1:18:38 
   12 June Webb                     W75            SUFFOC                           1:43:05 

      Will Harrison                 M50            SUFFOC                                mp 
      Wilson McLean                 M75            SUFFOC                                mp 
      Ali Petch Samantha Bailey     M20/W16        NOR                                   mp 

Green  (32)      5.7 km   13 C           

    1 Glen Richardson               M21            NOR                                43:24 
    2 Joanne West                   W21            SOS                              1:11:07 
    3 Chris Morley                  M70            WAOC                             1:12:47 
    4 Lindsey Freeman               W55            LOG                              1:15:03 
    5 Simon Peck                    M55            SUFFOC                           1:15:56 
    6 Peter Cheetham                M50            CHIG                             1:21:14 
    7 Sarah Mansel                  W45            SUFFOC                           1:21:39 
    8 Adam Waller-Toyne             M45            SOS                              1:25:22 
    9 Charlotte Cheetham            W50            CHIG                             1:25:30 
   10 Jillyan Dobby                 W60            MDOC                             1:25:42 
   11 Rhiannon Ware                 W16            SOS                              1:25:59 
   12 John Collyer                  M65            SOS                              1:27:24 
   13 Richard Barker                M55            SOS                              1:29:47 
   14 Louise Walker                 W45            SUFFOC                           1:35:54 
   15 Lyn West                      W55            SOS                              1:37:40 
   16 Mitch Lock                    M50            NONE                             1:39:46 
   17 Geraldine Russell             W65            SOS                              1:48:08 
   18 Clive Parsons                 M50            NOR                              1:56:01 
   19 David Skinner                 M60            SOS                              2:00:03 
   20 Hally Hardie                  M70            WAOC                             2:00:09 
   21 Paul Garton                   M60            NOR                              2:04:25 
   22 Graham Ward                   M65            NOR                              2:05:49 
   23 Julie Laver                   W45            SOS                              2:08:21 
   24 Rodney Freeburn               M70            NOR                              2:10:41 
   25 Estella Ward                  W60            NOR                              2:15:45 

      Peter Warland                 M45            SOS                                   mp 
      Peter Waldron                 M55            NOR                                   mp 
      Barbara Fothergill            W55            HAVOC                                 mp 
      Jeremy Gray                   M45            SUFFOC                                mp 
      Simon Clamp                   M50            NONE                                  mp 
      Alexander Ware                M18            SOS                                   mp 
      Michael Presland              M60            NOR                                   mp 

Blue  (29)       8.1 km   17 C           

    1 Ian Hargreaves                M35            KERNO                            1:14:30 
    2 Tom Edelsten                  M65            CHIG                             1:24:11 
    3 Alan Halliday                 M55            OD                               1:33:21 
    4 Clive Wilkinson               M45            SUFFOC                           1:34:49 
    5 Paul Price                    M45            NOR                              1:41:01 
    6 Michael Bickle                M60            WAOC                             1:41:10 
    7 Peter Duthie                  M50            WAOC                             1:42:16 
    8 Bryn Wilkinson                M14            SUFFOC       Coppleston          1:43:15 
    9 Ian Shephard                  M55            NOR                              1:44:14 
   10 David Sanderson               M50            SOS                              1:44:37 
   11 Tracey Apperley               W40            SOS                              1:51:38 
   12 Peter Ross                    M60            MDOC                             1:52:26 
   13 Simon Hooton                  M55            SUFFOC                           1:53:32 
   14 Philip Halford                M55            SUFFOC                           1:54:46 
   15 Edwin Banks                   M55            SOS                              2:01:43 
   16 Jonathan Gilbert              M50            NOR                              2:07:34 
   17 Anthony Biggs                 M60            HAVOC                            2:10:36 
   18 David Lumby                   M50            SOS                              2:12:56 
   19 Alan Anstead                  M45            SUFFOC                           2:13:41 
   20 Chris Childs                  M60            SOS                              2:19:56 
   21 Darren Lambert                M45            NONE                             2:25:51 
   22 Rod Mansel                    M50            SUFFOC                           2:27:20 
   23 Colin Butler                  M60            SUFFOC                           2:27:41 
   24 David Phillips                M50            NONE                             2:35:06 
   25 Sally Wilkinson               W45            SUFFOC                           2:35:42 

      Jane Halliday                 W50            OD                                    mp 
      Garry Parmenter               M65            HAVOC                                 mp 
      John Duffield                 M60            CHIG                                  mp 
      Alastair Houldine             M45            NONE                                  mp 

Brown  (8)       10.1 km   24 C          

    1 Steve Hinshelwood             M45            WAOC                             1:40:22 
    2 Bert Park                     M45            SOS                              1:44:48 
    3 Paul Beckett                  M50            HAVOC                            1:48:35 
    4 Neil Carter                   M21            SUFFOC                           1:54:29 
    5 Gareth Radcliffe              M21            NONE                             1:57:31 
    6 Stephen Borrill               M40            WAOC                             2:02:41 
    7 Eddie Walsh                   M40            BAOC                             2:11:52 
    8 Perry Mole                    M45            SOS                              2:12:14 

Organiser's Comments

Revised 14/10/11 following investigation of the error on the overprinting of the Green Course

An Organiser's job is always made easy when

  • sufficient club members volunteer to help out on the day and this event was no exception
  • and the Planner and Controller are on programme with the courses.

However the arrival of the ‘travellers' put a slight wobble onto the planning of the courses which, with last minute adjustment to the courses, created confusion on the Green course with points 3 and 7 being so close together, resulted in 4 competitors being disqualified due to mis-punching and other competitors taking longer than they would have liked to complete the course. This has been a subject of an investigation in response to a ‘Complaint' from one of the competitors and the many emails, discussions and cries of ‘unfair'.

SUFFOC always strives to put on a good event which is challenging but enjoyable. As the Organiser I was disappointed that a problem occurred. I have taken this matter very seriously as I needed to ensure that the results truly reflect the best Orienteerers on the day. My conclusion is that the final results as published stand as the problem did not change the relative position of the top 5 finishers nor did it affect the relative position for the purposes of the EA League results. However in recognition of the problem all Competitors affected on the Green Course shall be entitled to free entry to the next SUFFOC event.

An extract from the report is below. The full report can be accessed by clicking this link <Organiser's Report - Hundred Acre Walks>

Two of the controls; number 3 and 7 on the Green course, were positioned approximately 50m apart. The overprinting of the course on the map (which included the control circle and its associated sequence number) was such that the numbers of the controls ended up adjacent to the wrong circle which caused varying degrees of confusion to the competitors on the course.

A complaint was raised by one of the competitors, Peter Waldron, who was disqualified as he had punched out of sequence. He thought that the results of other competitors had been changed whereas his had not, the implication being that he and two other named competitors should be reinstated. The complaint has been investigated in accordance with the BOF Rules of Orienteering. [Rule 9 and Appendix G refer].

During the course of the investigation it became apparent that competitors starting after 11:20 were informed of the ‘problem' with controls 3 and 7 and it has been suggested that this gave these competitors an advantage over the other earlier starters. Members of the EAOA on-line discussion group (John Ward, Barbara Fothergill, and Richard Barker) have suggested that the results should not be used for the East Anglian League. Although no formal complaint was raised in accordance with the BOF rules, the Organiser has extended this investigation to review the results and to determine whether the problem has adversely affected the results to the extent that either

•  the affected leg should be voided to put all the competitors on a level playing field or

•  the entire race results voided for the purposes of the EA League.

The investigation has found that the problem with the overprinting caused a varying degree of confusion to the competitors ranging from apparently no effect at all with competitors finishing in the top 5 who were not aware of the problem to competitors punching out of sequence even when they were forewarned.

No changes had been made to the other competitor's results with respect to mis-punching

It is a requirement for competitors to punch in sequence therefore the complaint has not been upheld. The competitors shall not be reinstated.

Voiding the affected leg 2 to 3 would have no effect on the relative positions of the top 5 finishers of the overall competition nor would it affect the relative positions of the finishers by age group. The published final results (with all legs included) stand and they shall be used for the EAL.

Leading up to the event I was concerned that the decision by the Planner to have all of the courses on the south side of the B1084 as it meant that all the competitors had to cross the road to the start and from the finish. A road marshal was on duty but as most competitors crossed as and where they liked the marshal ended up acting as a visible warning to motorists to try to slow them down. An alternative Car Park on the same side as the courses would have been preferable. For any future events the club should think carefully as to planning an event which requires a road crossing.

My next concern was people turning up to run in shorts. The requirement to have full body cover is mandated by BOF but some competitors were allowed to continue once they had agreed that to do so would be at their own risk.

With temperatures hitting over 40 o C on the day heat exhaustion and dehydration were a real threat. As it transpired the heat was the least of my problems as I had to initiate a search for a late finisher. Thankfully he managed to come out of the forest under his own steam (apologies for the intended pun) but it has reemphasised the need to have in place search and rescue plans for such an incident or accident. The lack of mobile phone coverage just added to the problem of coordinating the search.

REMEMBER: Make sure that you report to download by the time the course closes even if you don't complete the course, and wear a watch that works!
Louise Walker - SUFFOC

Planner's Comments

The Hundred Acres Wood was originally mapped as an extension to Daisy's Wood for use by the longer courses. In seeing the map for the first time I saw opportunities for the White and Yellow courses. I therefore planned the other courses and was able to fit all courses into the area.  

This year in East Anglia there have been some retro events. The planning of this event was retro as both myself and the controller had problems with OCAD printing. All the first drafts of courses were drawn and measured by hand. Once I was able to use OCAD I was quite impressed as a planning tool.

The original start was planned opposite the Butley Corner Public Car Park. However, three weeks before the event, Travellers returned the open area next to it requiring me to re-plan all the courses. I gave them an exclusion zone East and West of the area as marked by the Out of Bounds area.  It was only when visiting the area a week before the event there was a potential risk of travellers and orienteering conflict south of the encampment. I therefore re-planned half of the courses again to avoid this area. This late planning caused the error in the numbering of Green controls 3 and 7. I apologise to all competitors who were affected by this.

This is the first event I have used new SI controls. I had always assumed the advantage of using the new controls was that they did not require programming. This assumption was incorrect as they all must be synchronised to ensure they all have the same time. I did not do this and thus caused the strange splits which particularly affected the White and Yellow courses. I apologise for this and would like to thank Paul Lowe for his work in correcting this problem after the event.

Thank you to Simon Peck for his map and to Louise Walker and all the SUFFOC helpers who made the event possible.

Andrew Elliott - SUFFOC

Controller's Comments

Phew, what a scorcher!

The forest was pleasant, even cool, in the early hours when the controls were being hung for the event. That did not last, and the heat of the day which increased the challenge of the longer courses, had also increased the population of spiders over the previous couple of weeks. While the webs are works of art and worthy of a considered contemplation, for those of us wanting to make more speedy progress through the woods they proved to be a sticky nuisance which sometimes gave to the runner an extra passenger of the disgruntled spider, and sometimes also of their silk-bound prey of flies.

Andrew's planning preparation was seriously disrupted by the arrival of a community of travellers - their site marked as out-of-bounds on the map. A re-plan was hurriedly made, and subsequently tweaked further. This last tweak unfortunately gave rise to the confusing placement by OCAD of two adjacent control numbers on the Green maps, which escaped scrutiny and change - for which many apologies to those affected.

The many blocks of forest with a distinct direction of planting presented a navigational challenge when legs ran at an angle to the tree lines. The oddly shaped husky trails were sometimes difficult to spot when they branched off a path, but they were distinctive tracks through the woodland which could proved useful features for some runners.

The dry weather had kept bracken growth to less than its historic gigantism, and nettles also were not too thick - although the reduced population still packed a good sting.

Thanks to the team of helpers, and particularly to Paul Lowe and his diagnostics of some difficulties with the SI kit.

And well done to East Anglian League winners and those scoring well in the second round of this season's ESSOL.

Colin West - SOS