Ickworth Park 25 09 16

From the Organiser: 

We hope you enjoyed the event on Sunday.
During the day we had reports of some competitors crossing cultivated land that was marked out-of-bounds. Apologies for the lack of clarity over this, but it has been decided that the information on the map must stand. Therefore, if you identify yourself as one of the runners crossing the cultivated land in error please let me know & we will record your run as non-competitive.

With thanks to all helpers & to Sally & Phil for their many hours of work.

Will Harrison

From the Planner: 

This was my first attempt at planning a Level C event. I really enjoyed the whole process, although I could have done without my car breaking down the day before which limited the number of points I got out in advance. The other challenges which Ickworth always presents a planner are the moveable sheep fences and the cultivated land which both restrict the placing of controls and offering route choices. As the maps were sent to be printed, the land had been cleared of crops and no new ones planted, so I saw the cultivated land as crossable.  However, I forgot that cultivated land is often considered ‘out of bounds’ and so should have asked the organiser to flag it up with the start team. I apologise for this oversight and for the confusion it caused – definitely a learning point to take away.

Thank you to Phil for his excellent advice as controller and to Will for superb organisation.

Sally Wilkinson

From the Controller: 

It is always a pleasure to spend time at Ickworth and although it is always a challenge to plan courses here the end result is a good run in some very pleasant surroundings. Sally coped very well with the challenges and overcame the constraints of Ickworth which included the wandering sheep, moveable electric fences, the sudden appearance of cycle tracks and the changing condition of the crop land. The organization of registration and the start and finish very much added to the smooth running of the event. We had many reports of people who enjoyed their run around the estate and had a good day in the park. The courses provided a good challenge and produced a very good start to Sally's planning career.

Phil Halford