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Summer Series 2013


Event 2 - Martlesham Heath 05.06.13

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Rather a fraught event,  with many of you delayed by traffic problems on the A14 (thanks for persevering to attend).

Significant vandalism effected the long course. 5 of the first 9 controls sites were removed but thanks to the efforts of Martin and Richard who pretty much abandoned their runs 4 sites were recovered  and reassembled so that later runners were not so badly impacted. There efforts are greatly appreciated. Several either missed the last control or went off at 90 degrees to punch the first marker on the short course.   A 10 % penalty rather than disqualification has been imposed. The results are published as recorded with the points scored then adjusted dependent on the degree that you may have been effected - I know this will be subjective but is the best I can do without totally voiding the course.

Many thanks also to Clive Coles who controlled the event and ran the start/finish before helping me collect controls at the end.

Simon Peck - Organiser/Planner

Short Course 1.9 km
Name Club Class Time Points Remarks
June Webb SUFFOC W75 32:22 1640
Karen Smith Ind W50 37:54 778
Sue Clamp SOS W50 38:28 767
Millie Laver & Bea Clark Ind W10 42:33 779
Staurt Gregg & Kate Robinson Ind M45 51:12 422
Margaret Bonnett BAOC W50 68:00 433
Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 11:27 2nd Run
Long Course 3.5 km
Name Club Class Time Points Remarks
Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M50 28:30 1220
Neil Carter SUFFOC M35 30:30 1087
Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M40 30:36 1120
Daniela Brohm SOS W21 31:19 1110
Louise Walker SUFFOC W45 33:00 1372
Chris Childs SOS M65 37:45 1180
Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W45 37:23 1201
Richard Bonnett BAOC M55 37:50 1330
Colin West SOS M55 38:10 1023
Martin Hore SUFFOC M60 41:00 1404
Sally Wilkinson SUFFOC W45 41:23 1081
Simon Clamp SOS M50 42:02 827
Jenny Collyer SOS W65 45:50 1296
Jeremy Gray SUFFOC M50 49:32 732
Sandra Stincic Clarke Croatia W21 58:40 613
Lyn West SOS W55 58:50 864
Chris Gay SUFFOC W60 68:25 809
Graham Ward NOR M65 70:20 738
Pater Gay SUFFOC M70 71:30 719
Peter Warland SOS M45 26:00 1164 mispunch #14
Paul Beckford SOS M21 30:00 855 mispunch #14
Phil Halford SUFFOC M55 54:50 646 missing #14
John Webb SUFFOC M75 75:30 737 missing #14
John Williams SOS M60 47:35 1007 missing #7
Simon Peck SUFFOC M55 33:51 1094 planner
Ian Richardson Ind M50 retired