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Summer Series 2013


Event 3 - Foxhall Woods 19.06.13

This event will be uploaded to Routegadget so you can draw your routes for all to see
You will need to manually input your finish time (and splits if you have them)
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Thanks to Neil for designing a couple of challenging but hopefully not too long courses. It would be fair to describe them as short Orange and short Green respectively. They seem to be well received by you all, with some apologies to those who found #6 (long) or #5 (short) a bit taxing. The holly continues to grow and the paths change, which combined with the Stadium owners wish to expand their parking area, means the map always changes from event to event. Scores on the Long were a bit depressed with Bert coming out of semi-retirement to blast round (though I'm sure taking the dog for its walk round these woods each day also helps).

A few scores have changed as I've reviewed the spreadsheet behind the tables and uncovered some past errors. As we only have 8 events this year only your 5 best will count, so we will be shortly getting to the point when you can start shedding your less stellar performances. And don't worry, my exalted (and frankly false) high position will also soon change as others reach 5 events.

Simon Peck

Short Course 1.6 km
Name Club Class Time Points Remarks
June Webb SUFFOC W75 56:50 1737
Emma Gooden SOS W14 36:10 1469
Margaret Bonnett BAOC W65 50:45 1417
Karen Smith Ind W50 42:34 1287
Michelle, Natasha & Rachel Ind W21 34:32 1220
Sue Clamp SOS W50 49:19 1111
Richard Bonnett BAOC M55 13:17 2nd Run
Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M40 14:32 2nd Run
Long Course 3.0 km
Name Club Class Time Points Remarks
John Williams SOS M60 26:47 1216
Richard Bonnett BAOC M55 24:40 1200
Bert Park Ind M45 22:48 1163
Martin Hore SUFFOC M60 29:32 1103
Duncan Harrison SOS M40 25:50 992
Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M50 28:14 985
Peter Warland SOS M45 27:07 978
Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W45 35:10 967
Stephen Bones LOG M21 25:31 894
Chris Childs SOS M65 41:31 858
Jeremy Gray SUFFOC M50 33:33 829
Louise Walker SUFFOC W45 44:42 761
Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M40 34:08 751
Simon Clamp SOS M50 41:46 666
Sally Wilkinson SUFFOC W45 53:09 640
Callum Turner SOS M14 48:38 586
Janet Hill Ind W55 72:31 541
Steve King SOS M50 56:10 495
Laver Family Ind W10 87:16 466
Lucy Edwards SOS W14 75:50 463
Thomas Lock SOS M14 63:14 451
Ian Richardson Ind M50 64:22 432
John Webb SUFFOC M75 60:44 638 #6 missed
Simon Peck SUFFOC M55 30:25 974 controller test run