Aldeburgh 60 Minute Score Course

This course starts in Kings Field, near the Community & Sports Centre, with its small car park, in Aldeburgh. You'll need to use the designated Start/Finish control, located on the south side of a tree on the field. The controls have descriptions to help you to identify them (if you're a seasoned orienteer, don't expect them to conform to ISSOM specs!). The course is timed - you'll receive points for each control you visit, & have them deducted if you're over the time allowed. To add an additional twist, some controls are worth more than others - there's a list in the control description box printed on the map.

Start Location: 


  • Urban/residential

Type of Course: 

  • Score course

Number of controls: 

30, plus Start/Finish

Course time limit: 

  • 60 minutes / You can decide how many controls you aim to visit / You don't need to be out for the full time allocation / You must return to your Start control (2 circles on triangle symbol) again to Finish

Course points: 

  • 10 points each for controls 1 to 10, 20 points each for controls 11 to 20, 30 each for controls 21 to 30; 10 points deducted for each minute or part minute over the time allowed

Please bear in mind: 

  • Use only public roads, paths & open spaces / Avoid paths which are marked with a red X / Be aware of residents, walkers & cyclists / Maintain social distancing at all times / The course involves crossing busy roads / Under 16s must be accompanied / You're responsible for your own safety, i.e. you take part at your own risk

MapRun reference: 

Suffolk/East Suffolk/Aldeborough PXAS ScoreN60