Bury St Edmunds May 2020

As we're unable to hold our scheduled Summer Series event in Bury St Edmunds our planner, Phil Halford, has designed this virtual event based on his map from last year's urban event - & using Google Street View - to give you a SuffOC 'O' fix. Not quite as good as the real thing would have been, but a bit of fun - and more tricky than you'd think!

The event will be available from Friday 29th May. You'll be able to download the map, with the course shown, and a separate list of questions, from this page. This is "armchair orienteering" - starting from the Norman Tower at the end of Churchgate Street you'll plan your route & use Google Street View to navigate to each checkpoint, where, by surveying the scene, you'll be able to identify the answer to each question. There are 20 checkpoint questions, plus an additional one at the finish. The answers will be available on this page from Monday 1st June. All the files will remain on the website, so you can choose to take part later if that weekend isn't convenient.