Ipswich Waterfront & East Scatter Course

This course lies in the eastern part of Ipswich, taking in the Waterfront, the Alexandra, Holywells & Landseer Parks and various residential areas. The marked 'Start/Finish' is at a path junction just to the north of The Stables in Holywell Park. Local parking may be on-street - IP3 0PQ takes you to the shops in Cliff Lane - but you may, of course, start at any of the checkpoints, whichever is most convenient, & plan your route from (& back to) there.

Although many sections of your route will take you through the parks & quiet residential areas you will also need to cross busy roads: caution is required & under 16s really must be accompanied by an adult.

Start Location: 


  • Urban/residential / Park

Type of Course: 

  • Scatter course / Start anywhere

Number of controls: 

16, plus Start/Finish

Course time limit: 

  • No time limit / You must return to your Start control again to Finish / You must visit all the controls, including the Start/Finish (2 circles on triangle symbol) to record a result

Please bear in mind: 

  • Use only public roads, paths & open spaces / Avoid paths which are marked with a red X / Be aware of residents, walkers & cyclists / Maintain social distancing at all times / The course involves crossing busy roads / Under 16s must be accompanied / You're responsible for your own safety, i.e. you take part at your own risk

MapRun reference: 

Ipswich waterfront and East Scatter start anywhere PXAS