Christchurch Park Score

From the Organiser: 

Many thanks to everyone who came along to the score event in Christchurch Park.  A score course probably takes less planning than other courses and offer an event suitable for all abilities.  The concept of a 2-map score is ideal for a small area and I think I pitched the time limit about right.  I put the extra controls in for the experienced orienteers and I’m sorry if some of you didn’t quite understand my instructions.  The controls numbered 111, 113, 114, 115, 116 and 118 had to be visited in a correct sequence. For example, control 111 would only gain a score if it was sandwiched between 101 and 121 (but in either order).  Participants who visited these controls in any other order have had their results adjusted manually.  Other participants have had manual adjustments for visiting odd controls whilst on the even map.  There are also penalties for participants who were over time.

This was the first time I have used gripples, so it was a learning curve for me putting out the controls.  Otherwise it was easy to put on this type of event with a short start window with limited man-power.

The weather was kind to us, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Thanks to my long-suffering family – Rod and Roderick – who helped with transport, SI kit and other stuff, and to Clive, Sally, Will and Martin for collecting controls.

Sarah Mansel