Hardwick Heath: Comments

From the Planner: 

Thank you to those who supported the first of the SUFFOC summer series at Hardwick especially Paul Lowe who controlled the event and the volunteers who collected in the controls at the end of the day. Thankfully we were blessed with sunshine and not the rain and thunder that was forecast.


There were three options and many opted for the full score countdown which had 26 points (one control for each of the letters in the alphabet) to be visited in the park and in the adjoining estate giving a mix of ‘traditional’ and urban orienteering. The score was restricted to 45 mins which the majority of competitors managed to keep within, with a further 15 mins to come up with the longest Orienteering term using the letters that had been collected then a further boost to their score by coming up with other orienteering terms. Richard B from SOS was a clear winner. Both Richard and  Sandra came up with the longest orienteering term which was of course ‘Orienteering’


There were three things that I hadn’t anticipated

  • The huge variety of ‘Orienteering’ terms people use that are not actually in the IOF list of Orienteering terms; Pub, Wizard, Holly bush and Brambles being just a few that were not counted in the total points. PS The judges (my) word is final and there is no appeal process!
  • The Circus which thankfully didn’t affect the event
  • The Scouts camping in the southern half of the area, which as I discovered, is actually the old gardens of the Hardwick Manor which the Scouts bought and now own. They did allow two of the three controls to be used but control #13 which was in their fire pit had to be relocated necessitating a map correction at the last minute


See http://www.burypastandpresent.org.uk/jarman-captions/hardwick/manor.shtml

for more info on Hardwick Manor


 The other options were based on a score event but the Option B for the under 16’s (or less nimble) kept within the boundary of the park with 15 controls. Option B used a cross-number to identify the other letters. Option C was more of a training opportunity where the competitors only had sight of a small portion of the map at each control and had to memorise the route form control to control.


I would welcome any feedback, good or bad, so that I can improve the next event Sally persuades me to do!