SPSS Haughley Park

From the Organiser: 

It was great to see everyone at the Haughley Park event and I hope that you all enjoyed having the opportunity to get back to orienteering in the woods.  I only had about a month to sort everything out, and did my best to adhere to the guidance for post-COVID events from BOF.  I hope that the courses were sufficiently challenging for experienced orienteers but were not too difficult for the newcomers – it is a difficult balancing act when there are only a few courses.  I was pleased to receive more complements than criticisms, so maybe it sort of worked.

Please put your routes up on Routegadget as it will be interesting to see the tactics used for the Score course.

Thanks to Rod, Roderick and Bronwen, who had no choice but to help and to Clive, Sally and Will for being the First-Aid presence (glad that they weren’t needed).  Thanks too to Robert Williams and his staff for allowing us to use the park on such a lovely autumn day.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon at another event.

 Sarah Mansel (Organiser & Planner)