Compass Sport Trophy

There was a sizeable contingent from SuffOC at the Compass Sport Trophy area heat on the Ashridge Estate in the Chilterns last weekend: 26 members entered the competitive courses, with additional members going along to lend their support and to enjoy the shorter courses. Parking was at spectacular Ashridge House and the event took place in the adjacent varied woodland; the only negative element was the weather, as it rained throughout the morning. Our thanks to Hertfordshire Orienteering Club for hosting the event.

At the end of the event it appeared that SuffOC had won the heat, but then came the announcement that there were some anomalies so the scores needed to be rechecked - and that the person responsible for the number-crunching would be away for a few days. After a nail-biting week the results have now been finalised and yes, SuffOC really did win against the 8 other clubs: together with SAX we go through to the final in October. The overall results can be found on the HH website and a list of SuffOC scores is given here. Congratulations, everyone, we now have a fantastic opportunity to participate in the Level A final!

The final will be held on Sunday 22nd October at Virtuous Lady (named after a disused mine), near Yelverton. Devon Orienteering has already set up a webpage with a link to the map and the list of qualifying clubs for both the Trophy and the Cup can be found here.

 Photo courtesy of Mark Cheesman