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West Harling Heath , ,

A large, rather flat, mixed conifer / hardwood plantation running south from the River Thet. It has several tumuli and chalk pits and numerous holly trees. The area is actually just in Norfolk and NOR kindly allowed us mapping rights. After its successful first use in 2010 the map has been extended eastwards into similar terrain to a total of 8 sq kms, giving at least two, if not three, usable footprints.

Map information: Scale 1:10,000; Spring 2014
Location: TL 962835
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West Stow Country Park ,

Situated NW of Bury St Edmunds, this Country Park is a narrow area of mixed woodland and open heathland along the northern bank of the River Lark and adjacent lake. It also contains a re-construction of an Anglo-Saxon village, with exhibits and frequent demonstrations of village life, and excellent visitor facilities, including a cafe and children's playground. The area has previously supported a permanent O course.


Suitable for smaller events.


Links to the visitor information can be found here and here.

Map information: Scale 1:6,000; Summer 2008
Location: TL 800714