West Harling Heath Overview

West Harling is an area of Breckland to the east of Thetford & consists of a large commercial forest which dips very gradually to the River Thet on its north-western boundary. Although mainly conifer plantation, it was established earlier than many of the more well-known sections of Thetford Forest & has a slightly higher proportion of broadleaved trees, with several old pollards & avenues. Surface features include old chalk pits & tumuli, and numerous holly trees offer potential "thicket" control points.


The area is actually just in Norfolk and NOR kindly allowed us mapping rights. After its successful first use in 2010 the map has been extended eastwards into similar terrain to a total of 8 sq kms, giving at least two, if not three, usable footprints.

Map information: Scale 1:10,000; Updated 2021
Location: TL966837
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